3 Ways to Decorate With Your Patio Accent Table

Having a patio means having a whole new space to decorate as you like. Fill the space out with carefully selected patio furniture to make the area not only visually appealing but practical. Make it a space where you and your family and friends get to settle down and enjoy each other’s company. While you are putting all of the pieces together, you want to figure out how your accent tables will fit into the picture. We have a few ideas that just might help.

Expand Your Garden
Use your patio accent table to act as an extension of your garden. If you have a healthy, beautiful garden growing then by all means, highlight that as much as possible. Get a small planter and fill it with one of your favorite flowers or create a carefully thought-out arrangement of plants you like seeing together. Use your planter to adorn your patio accent table in a way that emphasizes how much you love your garden and the clear willingness you have to keep it well cared for. You may want to choose colors of plants that fit with the design of the patio accent table. For example, a pure white accent table would look lovely with blooming pastel flowers and a brass or copper table would pair well with rich, deeply saturated foliage in various colors.

Light Up the Space
Another option for decorating your patio accent table is to dress it with tabletop lanterns. You may want to start looking for some outdoor tabletop lanterns once you imagine how beautiful the sight would be. Put out two or three accent tables and spread them out around the outdoor seating area, decorated with their own lanterns to create a warm light over the space. If you like to spend your evenings enjoying the fresh air outdoors, you might like the open flame lanterns lighting the yard. The lanterns cast a beautiful glow and set a cozy mood for you to enjoy your patio after dark settles. Your accent tables look beautiful on their own, but when combined with tabletop lanterns, they create an effect that changes the atmosphere of the patio area for you and your family to experience.

Mix Up Your Styles
This decorating tip is different from the others because it does not involve you adding something to your patio accent table to decorate with it. This tip is focused on the design of the accent table itself. Since you will likely want more than one patio accent table in your yard, you should consider the styles of accent tables you want. If you find a style of accent table that comes in multiple color options, you can get them in different, but complementary colors to coordinate together. The similar styles connect them to each other while the varying colors add a touch of visual interest and eclectic style. You could also opt for the reverse where the tables are all the same color or finish and the shapes are different. This is your patio so feel free to have fun mixing different styles and colors together to represent your tastes.

All of this goes to show that with the right styling, a patio accent table can make a huge difference in shaping how you see your backyard. It can help transform your yard from a blank canvas full of potential into a beautiful scene where you get to enjoy your free time. Decorate your accent table with fresh flowers from your garden or bask in the glow of a tabletop lantern. The ways you choose to enjoy your home and patio are all yours, so make sure that whatever you choose is perfect just for you. Get started decorating your patio with accent tables from hpotter.com. You are sure to find the right fit for you.

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