Crystal Necklaces for Men From By Fabrizio Design: The Perfect Holiday Present

Looking for the perfect holiday present for your beau? Men can be incredibly difficult to shop for, but jewelry is generally a safe choice for your man with style. Crystal necklaces for men from By Fabrizio Design are a great way to melt his heart while also elevating his fashion sense.

Who is Fabrizio Sassano?
Fabrizio Sassano is the man behind the inclusive jewelry brand, By Fabrizio Design. A consummate fashionisto, he is not just the primary jewelry designer for the brand he founded, he is also a fashion designer and a fashion model.

Sassano seems to have been predestined for a life filled with beauty and elegance; his mother was studying fashion and design when she was pregnant with him. He began following in her footsteps from a young age, learning the Entorchado technique as a teenager when he first began to learn about jewelry making. His creations, from earrings to bracelets to crystal necklaces for men, pay homage to and are a celebration of his unique Italo-Venezuelan culture, heritage, and religion.

What is the Entorchado Technique?
Many of the offerings on the By Fabrizio Design website, including their crystal necklaces for men, make use of the Entorchado technique. Entorchado means “braid” in English; the process involves carefully and meticulously twisting delicate metallic wires to connect gemstones, semi-precious stones, and crystal beads together. The technique dates all the way back to pre-Hispanic times, and was only taught to indigenous tribeswomen tasked with creating offerings to the gods.

As an Entorchado master, Sassano makes use of the finest raw materials to bring his creations to life. Each stone or bead is thoughtfully selected and secured to form jewelry that is as unique and distinctive as the person wearing it.

Crystal necklaces for men from By Fabrizio Design
This holiday season, consider giving the man in your life something from By Fabrizio Design’s Filippo collection. The Filippo line reflects the ideals of the modern, well-dressed gentleman–he is confident, cultured, and enlightened. Below are a few suggestions:

The Massimo chain necklace is the ultimate in manly bling. It features a white zirconia-encrusted, gold-plated skull hanging from a gold chain; a blue aventurine charm also hangs next to the sparkling skull, adding whimsy and visual interest. It’s an excellent gift to give the unabashedly self-assured man.

Looking for something with a touch of softness? The Giambullari pearl necklace is another excellent choice from the brand. This string of freshwater pearls features gold-plated separators that add a subtle elegance to the piece.

Alternatively, you may wish to consider purchasing a By Fabrizio Design classic, the rosary necklace. The Duomo rosary necklace in grey aura quartz from the Filippo collection is an exquisite piece. Crafted using the Entorchado technique, it features grey aura quartz and grey labradorite, as well as a zirconia encrusted cross and signet. The color of this rosary necklace brings storm clouds floating over the ocean to mind, and it’s the perfect present for the man who doesn’t need to be loud to make a statement.

For more crystal necklaces for men and gift ideas, visit By Fabrizio Design.

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