The Legacy of Louisville Slugger Fastpitch Softball Bats

When it comes to certain sports, there is name-brand sporting goods equipment that everyone will know by name. Some sporting brands have a certain legacy and history about them that makes them a household name if it so happens that your household is heavily influenced and involved in sports.

This particularly holds true for the sport of baseball and softball. Usually referenced and known as the “great American pastime,” baseball and softball are an extremely integral part of the American culture surrounding sports. Usually, when thinking about this particular sport, it’s always in reference and relation to baseball, but softball is also a huge part of this, as well.

When thinking about baseball or softball and its history within American culture, you are bound to eventually think of Louisville Slugger. This is especially true if you are thinking about baseball and softball bats. Louisville Slugger has quite the reputation of having the best bats compared to all other sporting goods brands. For good reason, too.

Most famous for legend Babe Ruth using their bats, Louisville Slugger quickly made a name for themselves and have been in production for well over a hundred years. Once only producing wooden bats, this brand has significantly changed and morphed into one of the best baseball and softball brands on the market today.

Now, you can find an incredible selection of both wooden and aluminum bats, each bat keeping the promise of high performance and quality. This runs especially true for fastpitch softball, as this sector of the sport requires a specific bat in order to be played.

As a general rule of thumb, fastpitch softball bats must be made with a 2 1/4 inch barrel in diameter and must not be longer than 34 inches. The weight must be 31 ½ oz in order to be considered a fastpitch softball bat. These specifications are meant for the overall performance of the player and how the ball is pitched to the batter.

The measurements are completely different from a baseball bat and even a slowpitch softball bat. But you won’t have to worry about not being able to find one of these bats. Louisville Slugger has got you covered in that area. They have a great collection of Louisville Slugger fastpitch softball bats for you to choose from.

Even better, many other sporting goods stores sell this brand amongst others, so you can compare and contrast. If you’re looking to support a smaller business, while also getting the name brands that you love, then check out Head Banger Sports for all of your softball and baseball needs.

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