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Decyl Glucoside For Your Surfactant Needs

Skincare product labels can be confusing—and that’s just an understatement. There are so many confusing words, compounds, and other marketing jargon that must be read thoroughly. Then come the ingredients and reading those can be even more important than the other things you see on the front. In the early […]

What Are The Best Uses For Lanolin Oil?

When creating certain personal care and bath products, the kinds of ingredients that are used are important. Some are there to cleanse while others are included for their moisturizing or softening properties. When all of these ingredients come together, they create a product that provides an array of benefits for […]

What is Shea Olein and How is it Used?

In the world of skin care, it seems that plant-based products are taking the industry by storm. There’s a great reason for this, of course, these substances tend to be nutrient-rich and naturally effective at helping to moisturize and strengthen the skin. Shea olein is a nutrient-rich plant oil derived […]

Is Coco-Glucoside a Natural Ingredient?

The beauty and cosmetic industries are rapidly changing. As more of us become acutely aware of our impact on the environment and how artificial ingredients and chemicals can negatively affect our health, many companies are changing how they formulate their products. What is coco glucoside? This all-natural coconut-derived substance appears […]