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How Much Does a Panorex X-ray Machine Cost?

A panorex X-ray machine, otherwise referred to as a dental panoramic imaging system, is an essential tool for dentists and specialists. Panoramic dental X-ray technology has been around for over half a century, popularly used by dental professionals to generate 2D scans of a patient’s dental anatomy, including their complete […]

Extraoral Bitewings: When Are They Beneficial?

Dental professionals and patients alike are talking about extraoral bitewings. A recent innovation in the dental industry, extraoral bitewings were designed as a comfort-focused alternative to traditional intraoral X-ray systems. Extraoral bitewings don’t require sensors or film in the patient’s mouth, minimizing the discomfort and gag reflexes often associated with […]

Sirona Panoramic X-ray Machines: Features, Benefits, and More

Sirona is well-known in the dental industry for providing the highest quality and most dependable X-ray machines and other imaging technologies. The bottom line: Sirona provides a reliable, top-of-the-line, and easy-to-use brand. Sirona’s panoramic X-ray systems offer every dental practice the benefits of digital imaging technology through great performance, dependability, […]