Why Women Love White Fur Jackets

Luxury. Elegance. Haute Coutour. These words are often used to describe fur coats and jackets. It’s the one true item most elegant and classic women want to have in their wardrobe and feel in their body. And while most if not all women envy Carrie Bradshaw wearing the iconic white […]

How To Wear A Timeless Fur Overcoat

Consider typing “women’s overcoats” into Google and you’ll see how the choices can be quite intimidating. From trench coats to classic fur coats, you’ll find that the next investment you are going to buy is something that will seriously go with everything. One that is as timeless as it is […]

How to Shop for Ethically Made Dresses

With so many concerns regarding the impact consumer goods have on the environment, various communities, and the workers themselves, it is difficult to not think about everything that goes into creating each piece you are interested in buying. Before you do that, however, you might want to take a step […]