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How Much Does an i-CAT CBCT Machine Cost?

If you’re considering upgrading your 2D imaging equipment to advanced dental CBCT, one of the leading brands to add to your research list is i-CAT. The i-CAT brand has long been an industry leader in the development and manufacturing of dental radiography products. Further, i-CAT cone beam systems and treatment […]

Delta 8 in Fort Lauderdale

Delta 8, a cannabinoid compound known for its mild psychoactive effects, has been gaining popularity in the State of Florida. This is largely due to its legality in the state and its potential benefits for those looking for a more gentle alternative to traditional cannabis products. Delta 8 is a […]

How to Prepare Your Child for Summer Camp

Summer camps can be an exciting and enriching experience for children, providing them with various opportunities to make new friends, learn new skills, and explore the beauty of the outdoors–all in a safe and supervised environment. Preparing a child for summer camp, though–that’s a different story. Some children can feel […]