Most Iconic and Compassionate DC Heroes

Wearing a morganite bead bracelet inspires compassion and empathy. It’s a gemstone that encourages healing and self-love. In other words, this jewelry is perfect for any hero to wear. Looking for positive inspiration? Here are the best DC heroes that inspire hope and peace. Starfire This alien princess with attitude […]

Using Raw Gemstones For Decor

While raw gemstones are often used in jewelry, they can also be used as a powerful statement piece in your home’s decor. Crystals immediately draw the eye and inspire feelings of nature and magic. Including them in your space is a great way to enhance the atmosphere – and possibly […]

Basic Magnetic Bracelet FAQs

Magnetic bracelets, like all sorts of bracelets and other fashion accessories, can be used to round out a wardrobe. However, in the case of magnetic bracelets, there are some other questions floating around. Perhaps you are one of those that would like a little more information before pulling the trigger […]