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Keep Underarms Fresh With Cleo+Coco

It is important that we take care of ourselves using only the best body products that are entirely safe and effective. With products that go directly onto your skin and get absorbed on a daily basis, you want to look for well-researched, natural ingredients. While your deodorant may be keeping […]

How Blue Beauty Brands Are Leading the Way

There is an ongoing movement in the beauty industry that is changing the way we see and interact with our beauty products. The Blue Beauty movement, founded by Jeannie Jarnot in 2018, is bringing together green beauty brands that are pioneering change within the industry and proving that sustainable, planet-friendly […]

How Roller Rabbit Redefines Loungewear

Before you start shopping for some new pajama sets and robes to wear around your home, you will want to know about one brand in particular. Roller Rabbit is a standout among clothing and home goods brands, setting itself apart from the rest with its dedication to quality craftsmanship. Their […]