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What are 4 Pin LED Light Bulbs?

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about LED lighting and light fixtures. More people are making the switch from traditional light bulbs to LED bulbs, but why? Even in commercial settings like warehouses, office buildings, and restaurants, you will find LED lights being used. It’s slowly but surely […]

What are LED Wafer Lights Used For?

LED lighting isn’t a new phenomenon when it comes to sources of light and light fixtures. However, the technology surrounding it has come on the radar of many homeowners, business owners, and commercial offices wanting to switch their forms of lighting. You’ve probably heard a lot of different information about […]

Where to Find LED Office Light Fixtures

It has become very apparent that LED lighting is the newest, most innovative, and overall better choice for lighting fixtures. The big switch from traditional lighting sources to LED lighting is prevalent across many different industries such as residential and commercial. There are many different reasons why a business or […]