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A Short Q&A on Pipes and Tobacco

Are you getting into pipes and tobacco for the first time? Pipe smoking is very different from smoking a cigar, and you’ll need to learn some new skills. You also might have some questions – these are some of the more common ones among new pipe smokers. 1.What pipe tools […]

Why Quorum Cigars Are A Hit in the US?

Hailed as the best-selling handmade Nicaraguan bundled cigar, manufactured by JC Newman Cigar Company, makers of Diamond Crown, Quorum cigars are the finest hand-rolled quality cigars at such a reasonable price. An ultimate flavor profile with a piquant flavor of aged Nicaraguan filler and superabundant Nicaraguan binder, along with a […]

Where to Stock Up on Butane Lighter Fluid

Cigar smoking, amongst other things, is one of those classic pastimes or hobbies. No matter if you’re a self-proclaimed cigar expert or you’re just getting started, there are always new ways to enjoy a classic, old-fashioned hobby like cigar smoking. When it comes to the activity regarding cigars, they can […]