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Using a Spot Drill The Right Way

Spot drilling is a process of creating a small depression in a workpiece that provides a starting point for a subsequent drilling operation. It is an essential process that is used in many manufacturing industries. However, using spot drills correctly is crucial for ensuring high precision and accuracy. Let’s explore […]

Spot Drills vs. Center Drills

One of the common queries on the web (related to machining, at least) is “What is the difference between a spot drill and a center drill?” Since these types of drills are used for similar applications (but not the same) some explanation is warranted. Let’s take a look at these […]

A Brief Overview of Spot Drills

Spot drills are little pieces of milling equipment that are often overlooked, yet they are essential in any machine shop. These small cutting tools are necessary for drilling holes with exceptional precision, which is a difficult operation when milling. Spot drills are small drill bits with only a drill point […]