A Transmission Shop in Phoenix You Can Trust

For first-time car owners, having a new car can be a very exciting experience. Whether you’ve never had your car before or you have significantly upgraded your vehicle from an old one, it’s time to hit the road! But not so fast. Before you hit the road and start driving, it’s important to know some of the essential information about the inner workings of your beloved new car.

Understanding basic information about how your vehicle works can potentially help you down in the future. In case of any mechanical problems or car troubles, knowing what could be the initial problem will be extremely helpful if you need to take your car to the shop. Having car issues is inevitable, so that eventual issue that may arise with your car can be easily solved if you are up to speed on how your car works.

Of course, the basics of any car owner are knowing when to check your tire pressure, fill your windshield wiper fluid or know when to change your oil. All of those necessities are easy to manage, but there are other things about a car that is equally if not more important to master in order to prevent any major damage to your vehicle.

Things like your alignment, your axle, and properly working brakes are all important things that could affect your overall safety while driving. It’s best to remember that driving and owning a car is not always easy. This type of transportation needs proper routine maintenance and repairs to keep it running smoothly and allow you to drive safely.

Besides what is already mentioned, there is another part about your car that can be commonly referenced or you might read about in your owner’s manual. That is the transmission.

How Does a Transmission Work?
The transmission is part of your car that is actually less complicated than how it seems. This piece is mounted directly on top of your car’s engine. The mechanics behind the transmission works to convert the engine’s combustion power into momentum which thus drives the wheels of your car. Without a transmission, your car won’t run.

Additionally, a transmission works to transmit power that comes from the engine to the wheels that are connected to the driveshaft and axle. This piece is very important to the overall functionality and performance of your vehicle.

In most common automatic cars, it’s extremely important to routinely check and change your oil to avoid any major damage to your transmission. If you’re unsure of how to notice any warning signs when it comes to your transmission, here are a few warning signs that will let you know you need to head to your local repair shop.

Refusal to switch gears
● Burning smell
● Leaking fluid
● Check engine light is on
● Grinding or shaking
● Humming/whining/clunking sounds

If that sounds like something that is happening to your car, check out Borst Automotive. This repair shop is one of the leading automotive repair shops in Arizona. With four locations ranging far past Phoenix including Tuscon and Mesa, it will be likely that you easily find a Borst Automotive while visiting or living in Arizona.

If you need a transmission shop in Phoenix, then Bost Automotive may be the place for you. The team at Borst is filled with experienced and knowledgeable technicians that want to make sure to give you the best customer service possible. Their ultimate goal is to get you back on the road safely, at an affordable price.

Check out their services and locations at borstautomotive.com.

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