How to Find a [Trustworthy] “Affordable Mechanic Near Me”

Affordable prices on auto repair services are nice – but not everything. Pair integrity with affordability – that’s the secret to value. Here’s how to find a trustworthy, affordable mechanic “near me,” quickly and painlessly.

1. Narrow your location, and start with a search.
This is the easiest part. If you live in Illinois it probably isn’t much use to you if you know about – and have on good authority – a reputable mechanic that lives in Southern California. That is, unless you are looking for a mechanic for a Learjet.

All kidding aside, start small – where you live, and check out local listings. You can easily do so in a moment or two using your phone. Just pull it up and type in “affordable mechanic near me” or “trustworthy mechanic in [your location or zip code].” This is not rocket science, nor should it be.

2. You have friends with cars right? Ask them!
You’re not the only one you know that owns a car or truck, right? Perhaps you even have a friend that knows someone that owns a repair shop which you can trust. Maybe a friend or two does their own work on their vehicle and can offer pointers or suggestions.

Word of mouth is a great way to find new auto mechanics, especially if you trust the experience of your friends and family – so get to asking and see what you can dig up.

3. It’s 2021 – Check social media!
Even if you don’t want to have to rely on the experience of friends and family, you can see what people are talking about on social media. Most local auto repair shops will have Facebook pages and Instagram accounts. This is a great place for them to advertise their specials and deals, but there’s something more valuable hiding here in plain sight.

Social media platforms are not simply promotional tools. You can actually see – right on some of their pages – how they interact with customers, which will give you an impression of their responsiveness and the level of service they provide. This will give you a good window into the experience you can expect for yourself, should you become a customer.

4. Read reviews and testimonials – and rely on them!
With all that in mind, not all local auto repair service shops will have social media pages, but you can still lean heavily on the experience of those that came before you by other means. Simply see what past customers have had to say on review websites like,, or even general business review platforms like Yelp. You can also check out a Google’s business listing for the repair shop in question and see what customers are saying.

5. Get a second opinion if you need to!
Finally, and even though it is not generally accepted as good practice, you may want to take your vehicle to one or two different mechanics in your area and have the mechanics audit each other’s work. That system does violate the trust between a mechanic and car owner, but it will give you greater trust in your chosen partner – and you’ll know which one to go back to.

That should give you a good framework for finding a trustworthy, affordable mechanic “near me,” so get to searching. If you’re in Arizona, you’re going to come across Borst Automotive, and you’d do well to check them out.

With four locations scattered throughout Arizona, there’s one within reach for all residents of the Grand Canyon State – and when it comes to reliability and accountability, no one else comes close. Borst Automotive comes highly recommended and has been serving its local customers for over 60 years. You don’t get that far without trust – check out their website and contact one of their locations today!

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