Installing an LED Light Bar on a Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger is tough, compact, and reliable. That’s why it’s one of the most popular trucks in the country. Even a great truck can use a lift with some auxiliary lighting, the Stage Series LED Light Bars at Diode Dynamics are ideal for that. In this short article we’ll walk through installation.

This installation will cover the 18 inch light bar kits for a 2019 Ford Ranger. The compatible mounting kits can be found online at, where you can find mounting brackets by vehicle.

First, you’ll need to remove the license plate and the factory bracket. There are two 10mm bolts underneath the license plate that you’ll need to remove for this step. Using a plastic trim removal tool, pry up on the tabs that are holding the license plate holder on in order to free them. Next, remove the five plastic push clips that are holding the bumper in place; you can also use a plastic trim removal tool for this.

To install the 18 inch light bar kit, you’ll need to remove the lower portion of the bumper trim. Remove the 5 10mm bolts holding on the lower piece. Disconnect the bumper sensors when the bumper is free. Next, remove the two nuts behind the lower bumper trim using a 13/16 inch socket. (Note, if your Ranger has Adaptive Cruise control, you will need to remove it and potentially place it elsewhere. For more information, consult Diode Dynamics’ channel on YouTube where you can find the following video on How to Install a Light Bar on a Ford Ranger.)

Next, take the brackets that come with the LED Light Bar Mounting Kit and orient them so that the small surface faces towards the inside (on each side). Slide the mounting brackets over the studs and place the nuts back on, just tight enough to hold the brackets in place for the time being.

Next, you’ll need to wire the wiring harness (for additional information, consult the video above). After the wiring has been completed, align the holes in the light bars with the slots in the brackets. Fit the supplied hardware through the slots and thread them tightly enough to support the light bar. With the light bar installed, tighten the 13/16 nuts that hold the mounting brackets onto the studs.

At this point, switch on the light bar and make your directional adjustments before tightening the hardware that holds them in place. Finally, reverse the steps you followed so far in this tutorial so replace everything that you have removed from the vehicle.

To learn more about how to mount a 6 inch LED light bar on a Ford Ranger instead of an 18 inch model, consult the video above, which contains separate instructions for that process. You can also learn more about Diode Dynamics products, including their light bars, on their website, Their customer service is the ideal complement to their high quality light bars, work lights and other super bright off-road lighting, and they would be glad to assist their customers with installation or materials. You can reach them at 314-205-3033 or at [email protected].

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