Installing New Interior LED Bulbs on Your Honda Accord

Interior LED bulbs can provide a laundry list of additional functionality to vehicle owners. They are more reliable under a wide range of environmental conditions, they are less susceptible to burning out prematurely (they actually last many times longer than halogen and incandescent bulbs) and when wisely-chosen, they even provide superior light output.

For those of you looking to replace some of your interior lighting in your Honda Accords, this short guide will help you complete replacements for your map, vanity dome and trunk lights in 2013-2019 Honda Accords. This article will be using interior LED replacement bulbs that can be found at Diode Dynamics ( The process of upgrading these lights is very simple and only requires basic hand tools; these replacements are all plug and play replacements and can be used to directly replace the old lights.

To begin with the installation of new interior LED bulbs to replace your old map lights, pry off the plastic covers using a trim removal tool. Start at the front, pry it loose and then pry off the back. Be careful when handling the stock bulbs as they will be hot if they were recently on. Remove the bulbs and replace them with the 168/194 Honda Accord Map Light Replacements that you can find at With the new LED lights installed, press the button to make sure that the lights illuminate. Once you’re satisfied with the replacement, put the plastic cover back on. Repeat the process on the passenger side.

To replace the LED vanity light bulbs, use a plastic trim removal tool or a pick tool to remove plastic cover over the vanity lights. Insert it at the hook tab and pull the plastic cover straight out so as not to break the tabs that hold it in place.

To remove the bulb, use a plastic tool such as a plastic trim removal tool to slide it out, then replace it with the Diode Dynamics LED replacements that you can find on their website. These lights are polar sensitive; if you place it in the socket and it does not light, reinstall the bulb after flipping it 180 degrees. Slip the cover back on and use the trim removal tool to replace the tab. Repeat the process on the passenger side.

To replace your LED dome lights, use the same plastic trim removal tool. Work the tool along the trim piece and the lens to work it loose. Then pop out the lens and remove the stock halogen bulbs (taking care, they may be hot) before replacing them with 168/194 Interior LED Bulbs available at Check the lights for function before replacing the plastic cover back on.

To upgrade the trunk lights, use a plastic trim removal tool or a screwdriver and pry the housing off gently. The bulb will be hot so be careful handling it. Depress the tab at the top of the housing, disconnecting the bulb, then remove the bulb. Slip in the LED replacement, reconnect it to the harness and it should light up right away. If it doesn’t flip the bulb 180 degrees and reinstall the housing.

That’s all there is to it! To learn more about these replacements, visit or get in touch with their team at 314-205-3033 or at [email protected]. They’ll help you pick the right lights, answer your questions and can even provide you with a wealth of resources detailing the installation process.

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