No Mods Needed: Exploring the Jeep Wrangler Light Bars at Diode Dynamics

You would not be alone if you felt a special emotional connection to your Jeep Wrangler. Many people take a strong sense of pride in their vehicles, and this is somewhat more pronounced among Jeep owners. A Jeep is a functional vehicle as well as a piece of Americana; people love them, and they love to own them.

That also means that some owners are somewhat loath to make permanent changes or modifications to their vehicles. Don’t take that statement the wrong way; to some tinkering Jeep owners, their Jeeps are a playground for modification. Still, for others, they exhibit much more reticence at the prospect.

It’s understandable to hesitate, since some modifications are permanent and you might not want to cut or drill holes in your beloved Jeep. Though this hesitance is defensible, it can come at a cost.

Off roading and trail riding are some of the most commonly enjoyed outdoor pursuits among Jeep owners. With its high ground clearance, stability and great handling, Jeeps are all but made for off roading and crawling. When you engage in those activities, especially at night, you absolutely must take advantage of auxiliary light. The trails and wilderness can be dangerous during the day; at night, the darkness conceals dips and obstacles with ease.

Yet it is doubtless that some Jeep owners have abstained from adding auxiliary lights to their Jeeps simply because they don’t want to make permanent alterations. If you’re one of them, this puts you at a crossroads. Today is the day you find the solution.

Consider one of the high quality Jeep Wrangler Light Bar mounts available at Diode Dynamics. They are specifically designed for Jeep Wranglers (though the company manufactures similar mounts specific to other vehicles as well) and will solve several issues in one fell swoop.

For one, they are CAD-designed for perfect, direct fitment to factory mounting points on your Jeep Wrangler. That frees you from the need to cut, drill or otherwise permanently modify your Jeep in order to mount a light bar. With a minimum of tools, and perhaps a little help from a YouTube video, you can add a light bar to your Jeep in almost no time.

They’re also designed to cut back on wind whistling and are made from extremely tough, powder-coated steel, perfect for traversing rough country. Come wind, rain, snow or ice, these mounting kits will keep going strong.

They’ve also designed more than one kit, and have Jeep Wrangler Light Bar kits designed for hood mounting (at the base of the Jeep’s windshield), bumper mounting and even rear mounting at the back of a hardtop. With such a variety of light mounting brackets and kits, there’s no limit to how you can outfit your Jeep.

These attributes compliment Diode Dynamics actual LED light bars, which are engineered for superior optical performance, light output and durability. The lights themselves are also mostly plug and play solutions, meaning you don’t need to perform any extensive wiring to get them to work with your Jeep’s current setup. They also typically come with the wiring harnesses or connectors that you need to complete the installation. Whether you’re looking for a Jeep hood light, LED fog lights or LED pods to augment your driving lights, Diode Dynamics has them, and they’re built to outperform and to outlast.

To learn more about just how easy it is to mount a light bar to your Jeep using one of their mounting kits, get in touch with them or visit their website. You can visit them at or reach them by phone or email at 314-205-3033 or [email protected], respectively.

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