Take Your Car to Borst Automotive for Vehicle Emissions Repairs

Worried about your upcoming car inspection? It’s natural to be, since many drivers develop emotional bonds with their cars, and, moreover, repairing the issue that causes a failure usually costs a lot of money. One of the biggest things inspections test for are emissions – and there are a ton of reasons that a car could fail.

A car might fail an emissions inspection because of a faulty sensor. It could fail because the catalytic converters are starting to fail. It could fail because the engine is running a rich mixture, or because the spark plugs are old, or even because the check engine light is one – which means you might not even know what actually caused the failure.

In fact, in 2017, ten percent of cars in Arizona failed their emissions inspections. It’s a thing that happens, unfortunately, on an all too common basis. What makes this headache worse is that in almost every case, it’s entirely preventable. All you need to do is have your vehicle checked out, and have repairs made before you take it in for inspection.

If you’re looking around for a shop for repairs for vehicle emissions in Tucson that cover a ton of major pain points, you have to check out Borst Automotive. They have two convenient locations in Tucson, Arizona, as well as locations in Mesa and Phoenix and have plenty of experience remedying the problems that cause cars to fail emissions testing.

Bring your car in and they’ll evaluate your vehicle for multiple points that can impact the results of your vehicle emissions test. They’ll investigate the condition of your vehicle, taking into account the health of the spark plugs, the quality of your air filters, your catalytic converters, and even your engine. If there’s a problem with your check engine light they’ll even diagnose that. The point is, if there’s something wrong with your car that can cause a failed emissions test, they’ll help get to the bottom of it and make it right so you can rest easy before inspection.

The regulations imposed on drivers by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality and the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division might seem burdensome to vehicle owners, but they are in the best interest of everyone involved. Besides, even though it might be a pain to make repairs to your vehicle now, by fixing the things that can cause a failed emissions test ahead of time, you might be saving money in the long run. Today, worn spark plugs or old, damaged catalytic converters might simply cause the failure of an emissions test. Left unchecked, they can cause worse damage to your engine. Additionally, you might have guessed it, those problems will be difficult to fix if they get carried away.

In addition to the services they offer for vehicle emissions in Tucson, Borst Automotive also provides bumper-to-bumper services, so if you need a one-stop-shop that you can trust, they’re your team. All of their technicians are A.S.E. Certified, and with over 50 years of experience in the industry, there’s no team better qualified to deserve your trust.

Borst Automotive, in Mesa, Phoenix, and Tucson, services not only gasoline vehicles but also diesel engines and hybrids as well, covering everything from routine services to extensive repairs to engines, electrical systems, transmissions, and much more. If your car needs it, they can provide it.

You can visit their website at BorstAutomotive.com, where you can learn more about their services  While you can make an appointment on their website, probably the best way to get in touch with them is by calling them at the location nearest you, where you can let them know your concerns, and they’ll address them.

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