These Off-Road Lights Are Easier to Swap Out

Off-road lights and other auxiliary lights, like ditch lights, are highly valuable for increasing visibility and thus, safety, in low light conditions, especially when you venture off road. However, some lights, including modern LED lights, are not easy to swap out in order to change the color or the effect of the lighting. This is not the case with the SS3 LED Pods available at Diode Dynamics.

These off-road LED light pods are easy to install and also easy to manipulate. Diode Dynamics sells them with mounting kits, available in round mounts, angled mounts and standard mounts in addition to flush mount kits. The pods themselves are super bright, making use of Diode Dynamics’ TIR (total internal reflection) optics, that makes use of 100% of the light output, wasting almost none to glare or scattering.

They’re also available in several beam patterns, including but not limited to driving patterns, fog light, floodlight and spotlight patterns, as well as some combination patterns. They’re easy to install and mount, and some with wiring harnesses so they can be easily connected to your vehicle’s current electrical infrastructure.

They’re not only easy to configure and install. One of the unique items that makes these LED off-road lights superior is the fact that you can change their color or provide additional protection with the addition of Diode Dynamics’ compatible snap-on covers. They’re available at in a number of colors, including clear, smoked and amber, for those of you who would appreciate a pair of LED fog lights instead of off-road lights.

This is entirely different from changing the lens or optic itself and is a remarkably easy process. All you need to do is pick out a pair of lens covers from their collection on their website and ensure they fit your model of light pods. Then, they snap right onto and over the top of your light pods. It couldn’t be easier.

While the light pods themselves are already designed with polycarbonate lenses and durable extruded aluminum housing and are very tough, these lens covers provide an additional layer of protection.

The opaque versions of these lens covers can also be used for legal compliance in states that regulate off-road lighting. Some states require non-SAE compliant lights to be covered when on the right, or when mounted in a particular fashion. If you live in a state where you are legally required to cover your auxiliary lights when they are not in use, these covers will provide that functionality as well.

Again, these light covers could not be easier to use. All you need to do is slide one side of the cover over the light housing and press down on the other side until it snaps into place. It’s easy, efficient, and they can be removed just as quickly as they can be applied.

In addition to these light pods and covers, Diode Dynamics also provides a wide range of LED Light bars in a variety of sizes that are intended to be mounted to a vehicle’s hood or bumper for the purposes of providing additional illumination to the area in front of a vehicle. A wisely arranged combination of these light bars and pods will yield a variety of functions, from off-road lighting to fog lighting and even accent lighting.

To learn more about the fog lights, light bars and accessories that Diode Dynamics has developed for a wide range of popular vehicles, including Jeeps and trucks, visit their website, You can also get in touch with a member of their customer service team at 314-205-3033 if you have any questions.

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