Where to Find Commercial LED Outdoor Lighting

There is surprisingly a big market for lighting fixtures. In our day-to-day lives, we are exposed to many different types of lighting that we normally wouldn’t even think about. Residentially and also in commercial or retail settings, there are many different kinds of lighting that are used and that we are exposed to.

There are only a few types of lighting that we are all mostly exposed to each day. Traditionally, you will find incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, and LED lighting all around you. Each light can serve different purposes and each works differently to produce the light that illuminates the roads, insides stores, and in your homes.

The most traditional form of lighting is incandescent, with the lightbulbs normally being used in our home’s lamps or other light fixtures. More recently, LED lighting has come out of the woodwork as the most efficient and sustainable type of lighting for all applications.

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. The light is produced by a process called electroluminescence using a semiconductor. In layman’s terms, it means that electrons from the semiconductor combine with electron holes, therefore producing light. The reason why everyone seems to be switching to LED lighting is that the process of how the LED lights work is actually more efficient than any other source of lighting.

The most common way that LEDs are now being used is for commercial purposes, specifically for outdoor lighting. Considering that LED lights last much longer than other types of lighting, means they are especially effective and useful for outdoor applications. Not only do they end up paying for themselves, but there is also less waste surrounding the lights because they won’t have to be constantly changed.

Next time you step outside, take a look around and notice the lights that illuminate your way. LEDs can be found in parking garages, street lights, and wall pack lights.

Commercial LED outdoor lighting has a much longer lifespan than traditional incandescent lights. Its cooler operating temperature and its ability to come in smaller sizes are very attractive and alluring for commercial spaces and lighting fixtures. This form of lighting can fit into many different forms and shapes, which is virtually impossible for other traditional forms of lighting, which makes it so versatile.

LED lighting for outdoor purposes is especially helpful in parking lots and parking garages. At Atlanta Lightbulbs, you can find a great variety of LED pole lights, LED light replacements (although you won’t have to purchase those too often), and LED wall pack lights. It’s very important to have the proper light bulbs and light fixtures for commercial spaces to light the way.

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