Green Gas Glock Upgrades (Increase Power and Accuracy!)

Green gas Glock replicas are incredibly popular. They sport the same handling, ergonomics, balance, and intuitive operation as the Glocks after which they are modeled, and are reliable and possess a lot of cool-factor, too.

But, the majority of green gas Glock airsoft guns, like all GBB airsoft pistols, just don’t shoot that fast. Sure, high-quality gas blowback airsoft pistols like these can reach about 300 FPS, maybe a bit more depending on temperature, ammo weight, or upgrades, but generally, that’s where they’re going to net out.

Speaking of upgrades, though, here are three things you can do to increase both the power and accuracy of your favorite green gas Glock.

Upgrade the Barrel

First up, let’s give that barrel an upgrade.
Why upgrade the barrel? Well, the benefits here are potentially two-fold. One, a tight-bore barrel can improve both accuracy and muzzle velocity. Two, a high-quality tight-bore barrel made from corrosion-resistant materials will last longer.

If you’re looking to give accuracy an additional boost, consider a tight-bore barrel like a Maple Leaf Crazy Jet.

These tight-bore barrels (which are made from corrosion-resistant brass, by the way) decrease air turbulence within the barrel and create a cushion of air around the BB as it leaves the barrel.

This improves accuracy substantially and can boost trajectory consistencies too.

Upgrade the Hop-Up Bucking
The hop-up bucking is the internal rubber component that actually puts a backspin on the BB before it leaves the barrel, decreasing wobble and improving accuracy.

Longer hop-up nubs with curved or flat contact surfaces will create more consistent, faster backspin, and lower angles (like 50 degrees) are more suitable for lower-power GBB pistols.

The lower angle also makes these hop-up systems more suitable for use with heavier BBs, which also tend to deliver greater accuracy because they are less susceptible to air resistance and turbulence.

Consider a 50-degree hop-up bucking with a longer, curved contact surface area.

Create a Superior Gas Seal Between the Hop-Up and Barrel
So you’ve upgraded to heavier BBs after replacing your barrel nub and hop-up bucking. That will improve the accuracy of your shots, but it might rob you of a little speed.

Now we need to give muzzle velocity a boost. There’s an easy trick for this and you don’t even need to replace any parts.

All you need to do is (before you reinstall the barrel and hop-up assembly) create an airtight seal between the two parts.

You can achieve this using plumber’s tape (also known as thread tape). Simply wrap the joint between the barrel and the hop-up rubber a few times around with plumber’s tape and reinstall.

This hack usually results in pretty substantial bumps to FPS, despite being so affordable.

Where Can You Get a Green Gas Glock or Parts to Make Upgrades?
While MiR Tactical ( carries a wide range of Elite Force and Umarex Glock replicas, they also carry parts for repairs and upgrades.

These include tight bore inner barrels, hop-up components (including nubs and buckings), and much more. They also carry airsoft ammo, green gas and CO2, and much more in their collection of airsoft accessories.

Take a look through their collection today to find the parts you need for repairs, replacements, and upgrades.

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