How KHUS + KHUS Harnesses Pure Plant Wisdom

If you wanted to see what makes up the foundation of a solid skincare routine, you only have to look to nature and plant life itself. All of the ingredients you could want embracing your skin exist within nature and have been harnessed into a skincare line for easy, convenient use. Let’s see how the brand KHUS + KHUS achieves this feat.

Botanical Ingredients
The products from KHUS + KHUS are all made using rich botanical ingredients to bring results to your skin while using natural ingredients that are easy on the skin. Think of tamanu oil, marula oil, blue tansy, squalane, and watermelon seed oil. The brand also places special care in using organic ingredients and even wildcrafted ingredients whenever possible. This ensures higher quality products, while also being respectful of the environment where they are sourced from. These products utilize the benefits of phytomedicine, which is not only intended to help your skin but your state of mind as well. Well-selected ingredients can actually have therapeutic effects, lifting one’s spirits while healing and soothing the body. This brand combines the physical and mental benefits of botanicals to create serums and creams that make a difference.

Face & Body
The brand KHUS + KHUS applies a well-rounded, holistic approach to skincare to the entire body, not just the face. The brand carries through on the idea of plant medicine treating the body through the bloodstream and nervous system, delivering plant wisdom to the entire being. KHUS + KHUS products include body balms, waxes, and serums to ensure that you are receiving the full range of effects throughout your entire body. This holistic, comprehensive brand takes into consideration the person as a whole entity and provides products to treat the person overall. It’s more than skincare for the face and neck, but a treatment system for the mind and body.

Where It All Comes From
KHUS + KHUS was founded on the principle of plant life being a natural healing force in the world. You do not have to look much further than a well-curated garden to find the ingredients you need to improve your overall well-being. This brand pulls together all of those powerful ingredients to make convenient, impactful products that show just how much plants can affect and improve your life. KHUS + KHUS was the brainchild of founder Kristi Blustein who is a passionate master herbalist, aromatherapist, and Ayurvedic health practitioner. She wanted to focus her knowledge of these fields on products that people could easily purchase for themselves and appreciate. With all of her effort and years of experience, she was able to capture her love of herbs and harness them into products for us to see the benefits from.

To get started using KHUS + KHUS products and create a system for yourself that utilizes the power of plant medicine, you can go ahead and check out their offerings at You can pick out your face and body products carefully and build a complete routine that targets what you are interested in. After that, you can just enjoy the experience of treating your mind and body well using powerful plant-based ingredients.

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