How to Choose the Best Foundation for Women of Color

Any woman can agree that choosing the right foundation for their skin tone is a challenge. There is much to factor in when choosing a new foundation for your skin. Foundations are extremely customizable and there’s an almost endless amount of options available, both at the drugstore and at the department store beauty counters. With the number of different shades, finishes, coverages, and even makeup brands out there, it can almost seem impossible to pick the right foundation that will work for you.

The ultimate goal of a foundation is to have this product make your skin appear to look like your skin. Weird, right? Foundations should be able to blur imperfections, even out your skin tone, and give you the desired finish, the most common finishes being matte, natural, or dewy. At makeup stores or your local drugstore, there can be a few challenges that can make it much harder to ensure that each foundation looks like it does in the bottle, like limited shade range.

This makes the entire process much more difficult for women of color. Especially with drug store foundations, it’s common for brands to only offer a few shades for darker skin tones, pulling their focus to offer more available shades for lighter skin tones. For women of color, it can be difficult to find the right shade for their skin tones, most likely having to sacrifice their preferred coverage, finish, or price point to find a relatively close shade that might match theirs.

However, if you’re struggling to find the right shade or brand of foundation for your skin type and skin tone, there are a few tips to think of when on the hunt for your new favorite foundation.

1.Choose a Foundation That Matches Your Undertones
When choosing a foundation or even concealer, it’s best to know exactly what your undertones are. Skin tones are ever-changing but skin tones are constant. The three main categories of skin tones fall under neutral, warm, or cool. This might sound strange, but look at the veins on your forearms. If they appear to look greenish, you have a warmer skin tone. If the veins look blue, you have a cooler skin tone.

2.Consider Your Skin Type
Everyone is different when it comes to their skin type. Some people have drier skin, others have skin prone to acne, and others produce more oil. This can affect what kind of foundation your skin needs. Drier skin should shoot for a foundation that is hydrating or provides a dewy finish. Oily skin should find a matte foundation that provides a finish with no added shine.

When looking for a new foundation, these are the two main components to factor in when deciding which foundation to purchase. If you’re looking for the best foundation for women of color, consider looking into the foundations from, a black-owned beauty space that prioritizes beauty, skincare, and haircare for all women of color.

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