How to Perfectly Layer Your Natural Moisturizer

When it comes to skin care products, one of the most essential products you could implement into your daily routine is a moisturizer of some kind. It adds much-needed moisture to any skin type, oily or dry, which helps to improve the elasticity and firmness of the skin over time. It also acts as a finishing layer over any other skin care products you have, really allowing your skin to absorb everything nicely. Out of all the different types of moisturizers you could get, we would suggest choosing a natural moisturizer that only uses clean ingredients. Natural or clean products avoid synthetic ingredients that are often potential irritants and instead stick to well-researched plant-based ingredients like botanical extracts. Clean skin care products focus more on the integrity of the ingredients and less on heavily scented filler ingredients that serve no true purpose.

A natural moisturizer is a great product on its own, but it truly shines when paired with other natural skin care products that each contribute something beneficial to the skin. Then all of the products come together much better to give your skin lasting nourishment with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids, as long as you choose your products wisely to have a well-balanced routine. A great example of a clean skin care brand with nutrient-rich products is MARA Beauty. There are some beautiful MARA products including serums, oils, and so on that you can work into your routine alongside the moisturizer. With every new product you use, you have to figure out where in your routine it will fit. Products perform best when they are layered properly, so this is something you will want to learn about early on to make sure you keep good habits from this point on. It is not too much trouble to learn either and once you get a feel for how it all works. Let’s make things simple and go over a few types of skin care products you might want to layer with your natural moisturizer, and how you would go about doing that.

Rinse-Off Mask
A mask that you rinse off (as opposed to an overnight mask) definitely comes before any of your leave-on products. After cleansing your face, you can apply this face mask and rinse it off after the required amount of time. Then you can move on to products that you let skink into the skin for hours.

Serums & Essences
60 Serums have a much looser viscosity that makes them a nice layering product underneath a natural moisturizer. After cleansing your face and possibly using a mask, you can apply your essences and serums. If you use multiples of these products, you can layer them in any order, though the general rule is to go from lighter formulas to heavier ones. After this layer, you can finally move on to a healthy application of moisturizer.

Facial Oils
Only after you apply your moisturizer should you apply a facial oil, not before. Although you can, if you’d like, add a few drops to your moisturizer on the back of your hand and mix that in to add extra nourishment to the moisturizer. Oils are sealant products, so they do a great job of locking in moisture so your skin absorbs as much of it as possible. Then with the oil applied, you are done.

You can assemble your own luxe skin care routine using MARA products or any other clean beauty products you like, although we would recommend ones from since they have so many fantastic brands available. Just find your perfect natural moisturizer and go from there, adding other types of products one by one until you have a routine you and your skin are happy with.

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