Magnetic Lash Kit vs Traditional Glue Lashes

Since the early 1910s, false eyelashes have been a staple in glamorous makeup looks. People have used false eyelashes to draw more attention to their eyes and give their eye makeup more dimension for decades. In recent years, new technology has allowed for advancements in the lash extension industry. A magnetic lash kit does not require glue like traditional eyelash extension kits. Instead, a magnetic formula allows for the lashes to stay put on your eye and create an easy and effortless look.

You may be thinking to yourself “well I already know how to apply glue lashes and am not sure I want to make the switch, could magnetic lashes really be better?”. The answer to that comes down to personal preference. Both magnetic lash kits and glue lashes have their own advantages.

What are Traditional Glue Lashes?
A traditional lash kit would include one set or more of false eyelashes and a small bottle of glue with an applicator. Before you apply any glue to your lashes, you should hold them up to your eye and measure how much of the lash will fit naturally on your lash line. After, cut the excess false lashes that will not naturally fit on your lash line.

After you have cut the lashes and they look like fit the length of your eye, you can apply a small amount of glue on the vein of the false lashes from end to end. After waiting a few seconds for the glue to become tacky, but not dry, place the lashes onto your natural lash line. Wait for them to dry before curling them or applying mascara.

What are Magnetic Lashes?
A magnetic lash kit is a new way to apply false eyelashes that does not require glue or any type of adhesive. Magnetic lashes work by applying a magnetic liquid eyeliner to the eye’s lash line. The magnetic strip in the vein of the false lashes will be drawn to the magnetic liquid eyeliner and keep your lashes from moving out of place all day.

Many new makeup users find the magnetic eyelash method much easier than the traditional glue method because it will still perfectly on the first try. No need to worry about placing your lashes on only to see that they did not lay the way you wanted, then taking them off and reapplying glue and trying again. It can be a huge hassle!

It is also generally considered safer for the health of your eye to use magnetic lashes rather than the glue method. Using such small amounts of potentially harmful glue near your eye day in and day out poses a risk of small particles getting into your eyes. This can lead to eye irritation and infections.

Where to Find Magnetic and Glue Eyelash Kits?
Hollywood Eyes Boutique has an extensive selection of magnetic and glue lash starter kits. Their magnetic kit includes 3 sets of gorgeous false eyelashes ranging in length and a magnetic precision eyeliner. Check out and pick out beautiful natural lashes that will work for you!

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