Read This Before Buying Professional Hair Clippers

Giving yourself a quick buzz cut at home is just a little bit different from offering the professional hair styling, cutting, and detailing services that a barber offers.

Consequently, the types of value provided by home hair clippers and professional hair clippers are very different, to say the least.

Usually, professional hair clippers cost significantly more money, but once you dive into the reasons why you’ll see that the extra expense is well worth it.

Before you buy your next pair of professional hair clippers, make sure you take the following considerations into account!

Corded or Cordless Hair Clippers?
Here’s what it really comes down to – corded clippers are more flexible while corded clippers are typically more powerful and longer-lasting.

Now, there are some cordless clippers out there with powerful motors and long-lasting batteries, but on the whole, for professional applications, corded clippers are more reliable, more powerful, and longer-lasting, offsetting the initial cost of investment.

The truth is that the flexibility to cut your hair on the porch might be valuable in a set of home clippers – but battery life is a bigger concern for professional hairstylists and barbers. Go with a tougher, corded model. You’ll thank yourself later.

Self Sharpening Blades
It’s basically impossible to sharpen the blades of a hair trimmer, due to their small size and the difficulty of accessing their edges. Therefore, to protect the value of your investment, you’ll want to get a professional hair clipper that has self-sharpening stainless steel blades.

These will resist corrosion and will keep themselves sharper for longer, allowing them to cut through different hair types with ease.

Make Sure It Comes with Accessories! (Get a Hair Clipper Kit!)
While getting a bunch of accessories with a home haircut kit is obviously valuable, it can also be a valuable, cost-saving addition for a barbershop (assuming that the included accessories exhibit high quality.)

Quality hair clippers and trimmers are likely to come with a range of accessories, including cutting guides and guides combs, scissors for detailing, oil (for maintaining the clipper), and even smaller trimmers like beard trimmers.

Look for a kit that has it all – even if you buy your own accessories piecemeal you can stash these as backups.

Power of the Motor
There are three main types of motors in hair clippers, being pivot motors, magnetic and rotary motors. By far, the rotary motor is the most powerful selection. It is longer lasting and better able to cut through thick, heavy hair without experiencing a diminishment of performance or tugging at hair, or jamming in it (both of which occur, and are unfortunately very uncomfortable for the recipient of the haircut).

Magnetic and pivot motors are fine for home haircuts, but if you’re looking for a set of professional hair clippers, opt for a rotary motor. It’ll last longer and perform more efficiently.

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