The Perfect Ingredients Wellness Products for the Winter

We already know what to expect every year, but somehow the winter months seem to creep up on us without warning before we are fully prepared for the cold weather and everything that goes with it. With the dramatic drops in temperature quickly approaching, you have to quickly stock up on all of the items you want in your home during the winter months.

For personal care products, this often comes down to extra skin care products and at-home remedies to help prevent or fight off illnesses. Before things get too chilly outside, you will want to check your drawers to see what you already have in stock for the winter, and pick up some items that could be of great use to you and your family. In particular, we want to reference some products by the clean beauty brand Ingredients.

They offer some great products with transparency being a major point that they like to emphasize, so you can see all of the ingredients, listed as percentages, right on the front of the packaging, so you know they have nothing to hide. Coincidentally, there are some excellent Ingredients wellness products that are perfect for use in the winter, so here are a few that we think you should really consider picking up.

Nose & Throat Sprays
Some of the Ingredients wellness products that are the most practical for the winter, are the throat and nasal sprays. These sprays can be used all throughout the season to reduce your chance of getting badly sick from the common cold. The Nasal Spray is formulated to eliminate foreign particles that you breathe in, while the Throat Spray is meant to boost your immune system with elderberry juice and soothe your sore throat with meluka honey to help you fend off sickness.

Shea Butter Stick
One thing you can count on the winter to do is dry out your skin, even to uncomfortable degrees. For those with already dry skin, this is a bigger concern since it may lead to cracked, bleeding, and painful hands, especially with all of the hand-washing you have to do. With the Ingredients Shea Butter Stick, you can conveniently swipe on hydration and protection at a moment’s notice. Keep it in your bag all day or leave it on your nightstand to moisturize and soothe your hands whenever you need it.

There are lots of smart products you could get in time for the winter that can help you handle the season in stride.

These are some of the best Ingredients wellness products that we think could really help you all throughout the season, because of their intended purposes and ingredients.

Think about what you already have and what you will need to get you through the season comfortably, without having to make too many last minute purchases before the shelves clear. You can check out these Ingredients wellness products, along with their other great skin care and body care items online at You should be able to find lots of excellent body and wellness products there for the winter months and any other season.

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