3 Overlooked Body Skincare Essentials You Need in Your Bathroom Right Now

When it comes to your skincare routine, you should seek the best quality products in order to achieve optimal skin health. Utilizing the right products that contain the most beneficial ingredients can lead to supple, hydrated, and nourished skin.

However, it’s no secret that people tend to focus the most on one area of their skin more than any other: their face. While it is important to care for the skin on your face, as it is a sensitive area that is more prone to pollutants, dirt, and other damaging radicals, you shouldn’t forget about the rest of your body.

That is why we have compiled a brief list of body skincare essentials that you need in your bathroom. These products will bring you and your body a slew of benefits, but will especially raise your skin’s health to unprecedented heights. Let’s dive right in.

1. Bath Salts
Is there truly anything better than taking a calming and relaxing bath after a long day? We don’t think so. However, if you were not to toss some of the best aromatherapy bath salts in your warm soak, you’d be missing out!

Bath salts have a host of benefits to provide you that other products simply cannot match. Bath salts can do a whole lot for you and your skin, including:

● Exfoliate your skin

● Decrease your stress levels (paired with a hot bath is even better!)

● Detoxify your skin

● Soothe bodily discomforts especially in muscles

● Support healthy circulation

● Stimulate your mood and energy

● Support healthy immune function

Are you wondering if you can use bath salts in the shower? You most certainly can, especially for the aromatherapy benefits! Simply sprinkle them in the corners or under the water stream of your shower. As the salts dissolve, you will be provided with glorious aromas similar to if you were to use them in the bathtub. You can even mix them with your favorite body oil to create a nourishing DIY body polish (but if making your own doesn’t suit you, we have another option below!).

However, you shouldn’t just use any bath salts. Opt for some of the highest quality bath salts for sale on the market today, such as the offerings at KM Herbals. They have bath salts for sale that are the best for bath soaks, like their essential oil-infused Rose Petal Bath Salts, which are ideal for relieving fatigued muscles.

2. Body Polish
At this point we all know how important it is to exfoliate our skin. However, most of us only think about removing the dead skin cells and dirt from our face, forgetting that the rest of our body needs a little love too. This is where a high-quality herbal body polish might come in handy.

Body polishes are a lot like body washes or scrubs, but are specifically designed to moisturize the skin while gently exfoliating it as well. The best body polishes are made with natural ingredients and are great for promoting smooth, healthy skin from head to toe.

3. Foot Scrub
While your whole body is important to pay close attention to, you should also take into consideration your feet. Your feet bear your weight, take you places, and work diligently day in and day out. Because of this, they deserve their own special treatment!

That is where quality foot scrubs can make a difference. When using a foot scrub in your bath or shower, you will be able to effectively remove dead skin cells, exfoliate, and help your weary feet find relief.

Are you ready to take your skincare routine to the next level? Then head on over to KM Herbals to find more high-quality skincare products to help you achieve your skincare goals! They have a wide variety of great products formulated with aromatherapy oils and other botanicals, including a great selection of bath salts for sale. If you have any questions, feel free to give their customer service team a call at 707-878-2980. Making your skin happy and healthy will lead to a happier and healthier life.

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