3 Reasons You Need A Custom Gaming Laptop

You finally decided it is time to get a new gaming rig, and are weighing your options to see what makes the most sense in terms of performance and versatility.

Most gamers will feel the urge to convince you to get a desktop PC. You know the usual talking points: faster processors, faster GPU, bigger screens, RGB glowing fans, thermal control… Yes, phenomenal cosmic processing powers, but restrained to your itty bitty little living space.

But let’s take a look at the advantages more recent custom gaming laptops bring to the table, and see how they hold up against their desktop counterparts, shall we?

Gaming Laptops Now Come Really Buffed Up
I don´t know if you have noticed but the latest gaming laptops now pack some real firepower under the hood. We recently tried a completely custom-built CLX Osiris laptop and that thing is lit. It delivered performance results that easily surpassed the latest consoles, being able to run games in the highest quality settings without batting an eye.

Picky users often complain about fan noise on their laptops. They insist that, when pushed to the limit, laptop fan noise can become unbearable. Well, our test subject was able to keep it cool and quiet the whole day, never going past 170° while delivering glorious and fluid 60fps. A delight if you ask me.

Custom Gaming Laptops Are Now A Thing
Laptops have a bad rap among PC tinkerers. They love assembling their own rigs piece by piece and feel they have exactly what they want. Laptops have historically limped in this department. You had to buy a big brand laptop, and all you could do was maybe swap your RAM sticks or your hard drive. You had to stick to all other core components, and you were lucky if you found a laptop that had the components you wanted under the chassis.

Those days are now over. Granted that custom-built laptops are not exactly new, but they have become a lot more accessible and mainstream. Custom laptop builders, like CLX, allow you to pick and choose components from a huge selection of high-end computer components, giving you the power to get the laptop of your dreams without the usual constraints and tradeoffs.

Take Your Rig Anywhere
Checkmate desktop lovers!

To be fair, some small form factor desktops combine portability and firepower, but they never fully deliver on any particular front.

Only laptops provide enough versatility to take your games anywhere. Do you want to bask in the sun while shooting down baddies? Or take your rig down a few blocks for a surprise LAN party with the gang? You can do it with a laptop.

In fact, they´re your best choice if you need that raw power in college or at work. Custom gaming laptops give you an edge on any processor-demanding task like video or image editing.

If you want to switch gears and have a machine you can take anywhere with you, without sacrificing the firepower you are used to, get a custom gaming laptop from CLX today.

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