3 Specialized Gutter Tools You May Want

Anyone who is used to dealing with gutters would probably already know what are the main gutter tools that they need to have on standby in case they need to repair, adjust, or install the gutters of a house. They will likely know what particular tools will work the best in almost every situation when it comes to gutters. However, they will also be well aware of some of the steps that require a little more effort than others. They will know which steps can be the most frustrating, tedious, and challenging to deal with. If this is where you find yourself, you may find that getting new gutter tools will help you to best deal with these situations. That does not necessarily mean a new drill or some snips if you already have ones that work well for you. That could mean getting some new tools that are more specialized to handle specific needs. Here are some examples of the specialized gutter tools you may want for yourself.

Downspout Expander
When dealing with gutters, at some point you will run into the issue of needing to add extra downspouts to them. This might occur when you notice that the gutters as they overflow frequently and show that they cannot handle the downfall alone. They will need a new downspout added to allow the rain to flow through more easily where you want it to go and not back onto the house, potentially causing damage. As you prepare to add the downspout, you will first need to expand the gutter so that it will have room to fit in the new downspout. To do this, you will want to bring out a downspout expander to open up those gutters. It will make the process run much more smoothly than if you were fighting with the downspouts trying to get them to fit and look neat.

Gutter Bracket Bender
Next up on the list of specialized gutter tools is a good quality bracket bender. Just as the name would lead you to believe, this tool helps you to bend and adjust the brackets used to support and affix the gutters to the house. In order to make the brackets work with you, you may want to have a tool like this one handy. It will help you to get clean bends on your brackets so that they can easily be adjusted to fit the needs of the house. This fairly small tool is great to have around if you expect to install or repair hanging gutters often.

Gutter Hanging Helper
One particular gutter tool that you may not have known about before is especially useful for those who typically work on gutters alone. That is the Gutter Hanging Helper. This tool works by attaching to the roof and acting as a support so that you can move along the roof easily without worrying about anything getting moved out of place or tilted. It frees your hands and your attention up so that you can focus on laying down the gutters without being concerned with what is happening beside you.

Now that you’ve gotten a look at some of the other gutter tools available that you may not have considered buying before, you may want to reconsider how you do your work and if any of these items could really make your jobs go more smoothly. Investing in one or two small tools could be just what you needed in order to make your work consistently easier and faster to do. Whenever you feel like seriously considering investing in specialized gutter tools like these, you can always check out John Stortz & Son for these tools and more.

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