3 Styles of Wholesale Headbands to Buy

Before you go ahead and purchase some wholesale headbands for your shop, you will need to consider what your customers will respond to the best. There are so many styles to look at, so we will look at them by category to help you determine what your shop should carry.

“Everyday” Styles
Although people like to have fun with their personal style on occasion, most of the time people will stick to more simple, toned-down accessories. You should keep this in mind when purchasing wholesale headbands so that you can stick to ones with more minimal designs. That is not to say that the headbands need to be entirely plain, however. Look for headbands that have a nice print to the material like stripes or florals and do not have too many design elements at once. These kinds of headbands are popular because they are so easy to wear casually and with just about anything. You want to have a good selection of these kinds of headbands so that people can see them and immediately know how they will wear them.

Embellished Band
While it is good to have several simplistic styles of headbands, you want to make sure that you offer variety to your customers. While shopping for your wholesale headbands, look for headbands that have more design details and embellishment to them. These details could include, chains, beadwork, small jewels, and focal pieces like bows or flowers. Wholesale headbands can be found in a wide variety of styles, so you will have a lot to choose from in this category. Try to narrow down your options by looking for things that are specifically on-trend at the moment. More attention-grabbing designs could also serve to attract the customer’s eye, encouraging them to come over for a closer look at the products on display.

Fun Fascinators
One particular style of headband you may notice come into fashion is the fascinator. It is a headband with a larger accessory attached to it, designed to be an alternative to hats. Fascinators might feature design details like feathers, veils, flowers, and ribbons, all in a variety of colors. They are typically worn for more formal occasions such as weddings and galas. They are fun to look at and will definitely attract some attention from customers. If you are interested in shopping for more stylized wholesale headbands, then fascinators can certainly do the trick. Here is where it comes in handy to know your customers and the general area. If you are used to seeing people wear fascinators either for special events or for fun outfits, you may want to provide them with some.

When you are shopping for wholesale headbands, you will want to stay aware of the variety of styles there are to choose from. Whether you want to offer simple styles, ornate accessories, or a mix of both, you will want to know what your options are. You can find a wide variety of styles for wholesale headbands over at wonatrading.com. Take your time browsing through what they have and decide what you would like your business to offer its happy customers.

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