3 Top Picks from WE Knife Company

WE Knife Company is changing the way most people think about Chinese knives. They utilize high-end materials, exhibit excellent fit and finish, and work with some of the most influential knife designers in the industry, like Ostep Hal, Ben Petersen, and Justin Lundquist, to name just a few.

But enough about that. If you’re reading this WE Knife Company probably needs no introduction. You’re looking for a new knife – well, the following three, all from WE Knife Co., are great choices.

WE Banter

You may know about the WE Banter already, but who doesn’t? The point is if this isn’t your first introduction and you don’t have one in your collection yet, what are you even doing?

Designed by Ben Petersen and named in homage to BladeHQ’s “Knife Banter,” the WE Banter is sized appropriately for, and has the perfect dimension and ergonomics to match, everyday carry.

The classic Banter has a 2.9” blade and weighs just over 2.5 ounces. It’s variously made with super steels including but not limited to 20CV and S35VN, and available with a wide range of scale materials, colors, and blade finishes.

It’s easy to carry and even easier to use. If you don’t have one, get one.

WE Mini Buster

We love the WE Mini Buster because it is following a trend that is only growing: the love of pocket cleavers with sheepsfoot style blades.

The Mini Buster features a double-row ceramic ball bearing that gives this knife marvelously fluid action for a production model, making it a dream for fidgeters.

The WE Mini Buster features a 3.5” sheepsfoot blade with a super-strong point, making it perfect for day-to-day tasks requiring a stout knife at minimal risk of tip breakage.

The Mini Buster is made with anodized aluminum scales and a 20CV blade, with a stout frame lock and a flipper tab.


You were expecting the CIVIVI Elementum, weren’t you? That’s been covered enough. It’s time for another highlight from WE Knife (CIVIVI is a subsidiary) to get some time in the spotlight.

With a 2.9” blade, an overall length under 7”, and a weight of only 2.1 ounces, the CIVIVI Bo is sized appropriately for EDC and packs a lot of user-friendly features in a classy design.

Designed by Brad Zinker, it has slim lines and a straight-backed blade reminiscent of Mora. The blade is Nitro-V, extremely corrosion-resistant and capable of taking a ridiculous edge.

It’s also available with either G10 or Micarta scales in a variety of colors, as well as carbon fiber models, all of which utilize a flipper tab for deployment.

Smooth, sleek, and reliable, the CIVIVI Bo is a welcome addition to their lineup and deserves at least a portion of the press that has been due the Elementum.

Discover More from WE Knife Company

While these three gems from WE Knife Company are worth your time and attention, there are many more where they came from. Discover a much larger catalog online at White Mountain Knives, which includes these and many more – plus they offer free shipping on orders in the United States.

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