4 Best BBCOR Bats for Power Hitters in 2021

Adult baseball players are required to have the right equipment for their favorite sport. Not only does the ideal equipment provide them with optimal performance but also allows them to play at all since only certified gear can be used on the diamond.

One of the most prominent standards for certifications in adult baseball is BBCOR, which stands for Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution. This ultimately monitors the “trampoline” effect in bats and how it affects the ball’s speed upon exit from the bat. If a bat passes this standard, it is certified for gameplay use.

Those who play high school and college baseball specifically are required to use BBCOR-certified bats. So, while you are shopping for a new BBCOR bat, you need to know which are the best options, especially if you are in the third, fourth, or even fifth position in the line-up.

That’s right: we’re talking to you, power hitters. You need a piece of weaponry that you can depend on when your team depends on you. So, without further ado, let’s check out the four best BBCOR bats for power hitters in 2021.

1. 2021 Louisville Slugger Meta
The 2021 Louisville Slugger Meta is one of the most reliable options in terms of the best BBCOR bats for power hitters. This should come as no surprise for most power hitters because the Meta Prime has been the go-to option for high school players for the last two seasons.

The EKO composite barrel is longer than previous models (an entire inch longer, in fact), which ultimately elongates the “sweet spot.” It has a balanced swing weight and a 3-piece construction. The massive barrel and ideal weight make this a true masterpiece for power hitters.

2. 2021 DeMarini The Goods
If it’s “the goods” you’re after, DeMarini’s got you covered. The 2021 DeMarini The Goods BBCOR bat is truly one of merit. This is because its alloy barrel is a large and sturdy one that has been specifically fortified for the hands of a power hitter.

With its Seismic End Cap built with only the most high-quality and durable materials, every swing is incomparably powerful. This end-loaded bat was wielded by more collegiate baseball players than any other two-piece bat last season. Needless to say, it has a passionate yet not-so-surprising following.

3. 2021 Rawlings VELO Hybrid ACP
One of the highest performing BBCOR specifically for power hitters has to be Rawlings’ VELO Hybrid ACP. The VELO has been such for the past 5 years and is shooting for year six with this model.

The smooth feel and swing capabilities are two of the most enticing features of this bat, along with optimal bat control and swing velocities. This bat allows batters to whip the bat around those faster pitches– and do so with knee-knocking power. The composite end cap also provides ideal bat weight and a larger sweet spot.

4. 2021 DeMarini CF Zen
DeMarini has to be on our list once again, but this time with the CF Zen. This particularly bat has quickly risen as DeMarini’s flagship– and it’s no shock as to why.

This end-loaded force provides minimal handle vibration with a maximum sweet spot. Drive those hits to further lengths without any inhibitions with this bat. The combination of the 3-Fusion Connection and Paraflex Plus Composite creates a remarkable force in every swing.

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