4 Cigar Accessories You Need in Your Collection

When it comes to smoking cigars, it’s not as simple as lighting up the cigar with a match or plastic lighter and calling it a day. The main purpose and reason why many people choose to smoke cigars are not for the nicotine buzz you may get, but for the entire experience. Just like someone would pop open their favorite bottle of wine after a long day or as a way to relax, the same logic goes for someone who enjoys smoking cigars.

So, unlike other types of tobacco products, cigars are meant to be enjoyed and experienced, not puffed through on your lunch break. Since cigars are involved with such a certain process in order to smoke them, you’re going to need the right tools and accessories to help you get the job done. As mentioned above, this calls for more than just a cheap lighter or matches you found in your back pocket.

For experienced cigar smokers, they may already have a great lineup of certain accessories that they’ve used for a long time. If you’re new to smoking, it can be difficult to narrow down your options and choose the best accessories for you. If you’re in that position, here’s a list of some great cigar accessories you need to get started.

Top 4 Cigar Accessories

While it may seem that you could easily use that cheap lighter from the gas station, that will not provide your cigar with an even flame, which in turn could result in an uneven burn on the cigar. That is never a good way to start. Know what kind of cigar you enjoy smoking and choose a premium lighter that will work well for the shape.

For anyone new to the world of cigars, this accessory is a must-have to get started. While it may seem frivolous and unnecessary, it’s the key to keeping your cigars fresh and long-lasting. To preserve the flavor and moisture level of the cigar, it’s essential to keep your cigars at optimal temperatures to keep them from drying out. This can be remedied with the proper humidor.

Cigar Cutters
Most cigars need to be cut in order to light them up. The ends are sealed to preserve the moisture and flavor of the cigar, so they only should be cut when about to be smoked. This can’t be done with scissors or a knife because it won’t create a clean-cut, risking the loss of tobacco or the experience of any even burn.

Ashtrays seem like an unimpressive type of cigar accessories but they are just as important as the other kinds. A cigar ashtray will have divots that will be able to hold your cigar if you need to put it down for whatever reason. Also, this is a great way to keep a clean room and place your ash in a vessel where you can easily discard the excess ashes.

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