4 Common Myths of Buying Used and Refurbished Computers

We all know the feeling of buying a brand new product. It’s exciting to even hold it, but especially so when you get to open and use it for the first time. When you purchase a new electronic device especially, these feelings can truly be evoked.

However, there is one major issue with purchasing such a device: the price. Buying a brand new electronic device, but especially a brand new laptop like a MacBook Pro or Air, can be financially crippling. Not everyone has the luxury of buying a brand new, excessively expensive device.

Fortunately, there are great used options for those who can’t afford brand new Apple computers or for those who just don’t want to pay for them. Not only do these devices work similarly to brand new versions, but they are cheaper and more environmentally friendly to purchase.

It is almost always a great choice to purchase a used Apple MacBook instead of a new one. However, there are certain myths associated with buying one. There are certain stigmas with purchasing a refurbished and/or used Apple MacBook, but let’s debunk these myths once and for all so you can finally get the computer you deserve.

Myth #1: Refurbished/Used Computers Don’t Last Long
Just because a computer, even a MacBook, has been previously used or was refurbished does not mean it will not last for a long time. These computers are still Apple products and ultimately have similar life expectancies as new versions.

There is no guarantee on how long these products will last, but nor is there such a guarantee on a new version. It all is dependent on the user, the usage, and the laptop care. However, they have impressive lifespans, too.

Myth #2: Refurbished/Used Computers Don’t Have a Warranty
This is certainly far from the truth. When you purchase a used or refurbished laptop from a vendor, even an Apple MacBook, you will receive a warranty on that computer. The kind of warranty you get will depend on where you purchase it, but you can get excellent warranties. Private dealers are a different matter, but vendors provide you with such warranties.

One great example of a company that offers outstanding warranties on their used Apple MacBooks and other such products is Mac of All Trades. They have free warranties on all of their products, which are typically one year.

Myth #3: Refurbished/Used Computers Need More Repairs and Maintenance
This is far from the truth. Simply because a refurbished computer was fixed once before or a used computer has had a previous owner does not mean it requires constant upkeep. These computers are tested by experts ahead of your purchase so that any issues can be addressed before it reaches your hands.

Myth #4: Refurbished/Used Computers Have Inferior Performance
This is yet another far-from-the-truth myth about used and refurbished computers. As mentioned above, these computers are tested by experts prior to purchase for any issues. They are tested for hardware issues specifically and they are rectified if they do arise. They are not sold unless they are capable of performing the tasks they are required to.

Although some used computers have a few bumps and bruises on the exterior, that does not mean that the interior is disrupted and malfunctioning. As they say, “It’s what’s on the inside that counts.”

There are just four of the most common myths associated with buying a refurbished or used Apple MacBook, along with other such computers. When looking for the most high-quality products at the most agreeable prices, be sure to browse Mac of All Trades and their many options.

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