4 Signs You Need a New Rifle Magazine

Not all rifles feed from magazines, but most repeaters and autoloaders do. All of your fans of the smokepole out there can stop reading at this point, as can rare-shooters of revolver-esque rifles. For the rest of us, we’re joined to the functionality of our rifle magazines; otherwise, we’re doing no more than using glorified single-shot firearms.

While the magazine may not be the most exciting component of the firearm’s assembly, nor the most glorious among them, without a magazine that works, the entire operation of the rifle will be thrown into disarray.

This is more obvious with semi automatic platforms, but even repeaters will be crippled with a magazine that doesn’t feed properly or has worn out internals. Without drawing it out any further, here are four signs you need a new rifle magazine.

1. You burn a lot of brass at the range and loading mags is getting boring
If you’re someone who spends a lot of quality time at the range, perhaps even someone that competes in three-gun competition and burns a lot of brass in preparation, you may need a new magazine. Now, unlike some of the other “signs” on this list, this one isn’t caused by a faulty mag.

Rather, the point is that you may need another mag rather than just one to replace your current magazine. A speedloader will help, but really, the best initiative is to have several mags that hold as many rounds as practical, along with a speedloader so you can ease reloading them when they’re all spent.

2. Your rifle isn’t feeding properly
If your rifle isn’t feeding properly, there could be a few things wrong, and they might not all be attributable to the gun magazine you’re currently using.

For one thing, you might have an issue with the nose of the round you are trying to feed; deformities can cause these issues and must be addressed immediately. It could also be a problem with the bolt face that prevents the rounds from feeding smoothly.

If it isn’t one of these, then there’s a good chance that your magazine is wearing out and isn’t functioning as intended. That’s one of the biggest signs it’s time to get a new one.

3. Your rifle has a hard time feeding the final round
Before magazines wear out and stop feeding properly at all, they often fail to feed the final round or the final few. This is more often than not attributable to internal springs and other components that are wearing out and is a sure fire sign that the magazine in question is turning south. If you experience issues such as these, either repair the magazine in question or get a new one.

4. The magazine has worn or broken parts that make it difficult to seat it
Sometimes an issue with an aging magazine will not become apparent from feeding issues but with issues seating it properly. Sometimes this is a result of parts of the firearm wearing down, other times it is a result of the magazine aging and wearing. In any case, if you can no longer firmly seat your magazine or the firearm is not retaining it, that’s a pretty good sign you need a new one.

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