4 Types of Hotel Employee Name Tags to Use

As someone responsible for maintaining the appearance of the company for customers, you want to make sure that the staff looks their best at all times. This includes having a sharp uniform for all hotel employees, no matter the job title, and of course, neat hotel employee name tags. If you are dissatisfied with the name tags you use currently, you may want to see what your other options are out there. There is no better time than the present to make a beneficial change for yourself or the business, so let’s get right into it. As a point of reference for you, here are four types of hotel employee name tags you may want to consider for your place of work and what each one has to offer.

Plastic Name Tags
The first option that you might want to consider are plastic name tags. These name tags probably provide you with the most options for customization because of the material used. You will be able to custom design a name tag for your hotel staff that is distinct from any ot-her business out there. You can choose from different shapes, colors, finishes, and special designs to create name tags unique to your business. These name tags can deliver a fine, uniform appearance that your clients will certainly notice. They are also a fairly affordable option if you are looking to maintain a budget.

Permanent Metal Name Tags
The next option we have for high-quality hotel employee name tags are permanent metal ones. These name tags are quite different from the previously mentioned ones. As you will notice, each type of name type you can choose from is distinct in its own way and has something special to offer your business. In the case of permanent metal ID badges, we have the focus being on prestige and quality. This type of name tag creates a luxurious appearance that elevates the uniform of your staff with a sleek design. These badges are ideal for companies that want to create an air of luxury and sophistication for the establishment overall. The metal creates a particular effect that just cannot be replicated by any other material. This option is all about the effect it gives off, so if that is what you would like your staff to present to clients, this is a good choice for name tags.

Reusable Metal Name Tags
Reusable metal name tags give a similar effect as permanent ones, but with one key difference. These name tags are able to be reused an endless number of times. You may find these hotel employee name tags to be the most helpful for your business if you have a changing staff or want to include job titles in the name tags, even if they change over time. With this type of name tag, you can simply replace the tag inside of the metal case and include the new name, job title, or company logo to update it. Then you can continue using the same badges for years.

Photo ID Name Tags
This type of identification might be less common in hotel employee name tags, but you might still benefit from them nonetheless. These tags are cards that can display a photo of your staff members so they create a more personalized appearance. They also add some security with the photographs matching the employees. They are easily customizable and stand out compared to the name tags of your competitors.

To learn more about purchasing any of these options, feel free to visit imprintplus.com where they sell a variety of customizable name tags for businesses like yours. Take a look at what the different options are for hotel employee name tags and how you can design some to fit your own needs. Your hotel staff are sure to look their best with these simple, but impactful additions to their uniforms.

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