4 Ways to Get Creative with Christmas Tree Picks and Sprays (Plus Some Tips)

Lights and ornaments may steal the show, but there’s another creative, decorative element that you can use to unify the theme, add depth and intrigue, and fill in gaps in your Christmas tree with pops of bright color.

They’re Christmas tree picks – and there are so many ways you can get creative with them. Here are just a few.

Make Your Own Tree Topper and Add to the Body of the Tree
Prefabricated stars and angels are great, but did you know that you can make your own topper with a bundle of sprays or picks!

Choose a few Christmas tree picks or sprays that are aligned with either the theme or color scheme of your tree. Insert the stems along the pole of the tree at the top, along the front and back. Two to three designs will look really nice together, especially if you stagger their heights designs. Our trees in the store use 45-55 stems for our dynamic showcase display, but you can play with the number you use based on the height of your tree!

Adding them to the body brings cohesiveness and texture throughout, especially if you use our proprietary idea of “floral clusters” which is two flowers and two stems twisted together with floral wire and inserted into the body of the tree!

Decorate a Garland
Naturally, you can use Christmas tree picks in the body of the tree, but there are so many ways to dress up other decorating accessories with these versatile elements of decor.

Another great way is to decorate a garland. However, when using a pick or spray on a garland, it’s important that they don’t stick out at sharp angles or they will make the garland look off center

Insert the pick after you are done laying the garland, laying the pick along the wire that holds the garland together, and then fluffing the spray or pick out.

Spruce Up a Wreath
If you have a wreath that needs a little extra flair and you’ve already accessorized with lights and ornaments, Christmas tree picks can add color and contrast.

A popular technique with wreath decorating is to cluster all the creative elements in one spot – such as at the base. If doing so, you can use a pick or two to frame any flowers or ribbons you have clustered on the wreath.

Accent a Vase and Use It in a Centerpiece
Don’t have a Christmas centerpiece? No worries – you can make one with a vase, a wreath, and a few Christmas tree picks!

Lay the wreath on the table over a runner, then place the vase within. Get yourself a few Christmas tree picks that are aligned with your other decorative elements, trim the stems so the heights are staggered, and place them in the vase – instant centerpiece!

When Using Christmas Tree Picks and Sprays…(Tips for Success)
Now, if you’re going the traditional route and using your picks or sprays on your tree, here are a few tips and tricks to make sure it all looks dazzling.

● Use them to fill in voids: Wherever you have a gap in your tree – that’s a great place for a pick or spray!

● Vary the styles: Don’t just use one single style of Christmas tree pick or spray, use 3-4 complementary looks to create movement and color!

● Use the picks and sprays elsewhere in your decorating: Do you really want to make the elements of your theme radiate throughout your home? Then use the same picks and sprays you used in your tree elsewhere in your home as detailed here!

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