4 Wholesale Bracelet Styles You Should Buy

It can be difficult buying wholesale jewelry for your store because you want to make sure you are predicting the right styles that your customers will get excited to see. A good way to handle shopping for wholesale jewelry is to break things down into categories that are easier for you to shop for. Take bracelets as an example. When picking out different wholesale bracelet styles, you can focus on a few popular categories that people will generally respond well to. From that point on, you can see what it is your customers are attracted to, and you can adjust your inventory accordingly. When shopping for different wholesale bracelet styles, these are a few you will want to keep your eyes on.

1. Beaded Bracelets
The first style of wholesale bracelet you should consider picking up for your store is the stretch beaded bracelet. It is a summer staple in our jewelry collection every year and completes a fun outfit for the season. Just when we are out in the warm weather showing off more colorful outfits, stacks of beaded bracelets make the perfect finishing touch. Arms full of colorful beads are a welcome sight every year as the weather heats up and we begin seeing some of our favorite seasonal trends that emerge annually like clockwork. This style of wholesale bracelet is a great addition to your store’s lineup any time of year, but especially when things start to heat up. You want to have a great selection of beaded stretch bracelets ready to go for your customers to have their pick.

2. Message Bracelets
Any kind of jewelry that allows people to customize it with their names, nicknames, or initials are popular any time of year. It is a classic style that people love because it makes their jewelry feel so much more personal to them. It could be a good idea to keep some bracelets in stock that have some kind of word or phrase written on them. This could include initials or little phrases like “mama” and “blessed.” Look for a wholesale bracelet design that you think many customers will enjoy seeing. If it ends up being popular, you could consider picking up more variants for messages.

3. Evening Bracelets
For more special occasions, try to have a good amount of bracelets in more elaborate, dramatic styles. These bracelets are more fit for wearing in the evening for dressy occasions like parties, nice dinners, or events. You will want to look for metallic jewelry that also feature larger crystals and are highly embellished. In stark contrast to this, you could also look for more minimal styles that read as elegant for fine occasions.

4. Charm Bracelets
Bracelets with charms or pendants are another classic style that can work well for people with greatly different tastes. A simple chain bracelet can be transformed to match any style with the right charm hanging from it. From colorful fruits and alien faces, to hearts and eyes, there is no limit to the exact designs you could feature on a charm bracelet, making them suit anyone’s preferences.

Now that should clear some things up so you have a better idea of what we meant by shopping for jewelry in categories. When you are shopping for various wholesale bracelet styles, you might find it easiest to just break things down into categories like the ones listed above which identify more popular styles of bracelets that people look for and wear frequently. You can shop for any of these categories of bracelets online at wonatrading.com. They sell many different options of fashion jewelry and accessories that your store could benefit from offering. Check them out now and see what could be on the shelves at your shop.

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