5 New Golf Shafts Every Bit As Good As Customs

In the market for a new golf shaft for this spring? Check out the following 5 new golf shafts, and consider them in lieu of getting custom golf clubs online while you’re shopping.

2024 Fujikura Ventus
A revamped version of the earlier Fujikura Ventus Blue, the new for 2024 Ventus is a mid-low launching shaft that produces low spin characteristics without compromising feel, consistency or speed.

With a firm handle, stiff midsection, and ultra-stiff tip section, the 2024 Ventus has been formulated with Fujikura’s VeloCore+ Technology, a reimagined version of their original VeloCore that, like it, consists of multi-material bias core that produces consistent center-face contact, tight dispersion, and faster ball speeds.

Fujikura Speeder NX Blue
Fujikura’s Speeder line of golf shafts are engineered for easy swinging and smooth, fluid tempos. The new Speeder NX Blue has been designed with new technology called VTC, which ratchets torque down at the tip and in the handle section.

The result is a shaft that can square club faces for even, consistent contact, delivering higher ball speeds with little to no increase in shot dispersion.

Graphite Design Tour AD UB
It’s all in the name: the UB in Graphite Design’s Tour AD UB shafts stands for “up and beyond.” These shafts are engineered with medium stiffness handle sections and midsections with stiffer tip sections, and with a unique carbon fiber formula that delivers precision performance.

They feature TORAYCA M40X in the middle and tip sections complemented by T110G carbon fiber in the tip section, which together produce extreme stability and ball control without any loss of sensitivity.

It’s all about accuracy and distance – the other two unaccounted portions of the acronym in the name.

Mitsubishi Diamana GT
Engineered for hard, fast swings, the Mitsubishi Diamana GT is made with a firm butt section and medium stiffness mid and tip sections, delivering mid launch and low spin profiles.

The background of these shafts is a mix of precision materials and technology, such as high-modulus MR70 fibers that deliver strength and a boron-reinforced tip section that bumps stability.

It’s also made with Mitsubishi’s Xlink Tech Resin System that increases carbon fiber volume without compromising strength, general durability, or sensitivity.

Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green HULK
Saving the best for last, we have the Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green “HULK,” a shaft that has been engineered, from handle to tip, for uncompromising speed, accuracy, and overall performance.

It has been designed to handle the fastest, strongest swings from players with the most aggressive swing tempos. It delivers low, penetrating drives, with low spin, and does not make concessions on shot dispersion.

The stiffest HZRDUS by far, this is the new shaft of the year to look into if you’re looking for a shaft that can handle crazy fast, crazy aggressive swings, without bending or breaking (no pun intended there). Even so, and even in the hands of a strong, aggressive player, the HULK delivers, with low launch, low spin, long, straight drives, and little to no shot dispersion.

As Good or Better Than Getting Custom Golf Clubs Online
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