5 Reasons Your Employees Should Wear Name Tags

If your employees aren’t wearing name tags still, it’s time to level up your business and make your employees wear them.

Here are 5 reasons why wearing them in business is important.

They Build Trust
When an interaction begins, sometimes it can be awkward. One of the best ways to ease into a social interaction is to exchange names and a name tag can help to speed up the process and make the conversation more comfortable.

Knowing the name of a stranger creates a sense of familiarity. Familiarity breeds trust. Knowing somebody’s name primes feelings of trust in people. There’s a power behind using names whether in business or everyday dealings.

So, because name tags allow your customers to identify your employees by name as well as by position—if you choose to have that detail on the tag, they make your customers trust your employees.

They Make Your Employees Look Professional
There’s nothing like an official-looking tag that can make your employees appear very professional. It completes their uniforms and complements their work attire.

With a tag, your employees will also behave more professionally. After all, their names are on display for everyone to see.

They Improve Customer Relations
If you are in the service industry and your employees deal with customers in person, ID tags can play an important role in your customer relations service.

Name badges can make your employees look more approachable, helpful, and friendly. Customers will have less hesitation to approach them because these IDs scream “service.”

Your customers won’t also have a hard time figuring out if someone is an employee or not. So if they have questions or need assistance, they can just look for someone with a name badge.

If you want to have a better relationship with your customers, ordering name IDs for your employees should be on your top list to do.

They Provide Extra Security
Making your customers feel secure and safe is your responsibility. Aside from having security personnel and installing CCTVs, you can make your customers feel more secure by making your employees wear name badges.

Along with uniforms, it’s one way your customers can tell they are dealing with employees only.

They Create a Brand Image
Wearing your company’s logo increases brand awareness. Display of a consistent image strengthens your branding.

So if you want to have a reinforced brand image, display your logo prominently.

Some Tips for Creating Name Tag Design
There are a lot of name badge options available to you. When choosing a tag, take more note of what the business needs and less of what you want. Consider your company’s budget, marketing needs, and other branding strategies.

Consider the material
Name IDs come in metal and plastic. Plastics are less expensive and more economical while metals can get costly.

Check your turnover rate
Is your turnover rate high? Then you might consider getting reusable name badges instead of permanent ones. That way, you can easily swap employee details on the tag for new employees.

Think about your logo
It’s best to include your company logo to increase brand awareness, but this is always optional. The design you eventually choose may not allow for a logo or your budget may not allow for it if you’re being charged extra.

Whatever you ultimately decide, make your badges the same for everyone for branding consistency. Stick to the same colors and fonts always.

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