5 Things You Can Do with Your Broken MacBook

The time has finally come for you to say goodbye to your MacBook. It has served you well for several years, but it has now unfortunately broken. You’re currently on the hunt for a new computer to replace it. But, what can you do with the remaining Mac parts from your broken laptop?

Fortunately for you, there are a lot of options available! One important thing to note, however, is that you shouldn’t simply toss these parts into the trash. It’s not only wasteful, but exceptionally bad for the environment. Not only do electronics take thousands of years to decompose, but they also release toxic materials into the soil and earth. This has harmful effects on soil, groundwater, animals, plants, and, ultimately, humans.

Now that we’ve established what not to do with the parts from your computer (and any other electronics), let’s discuss five things you can do with your leftover Mac parts.

1. Trade In Your Mac
One of the best ways to take care of the environment while also parting ways with your electronics is to trade them in. When trading in your electronics, it’s a win-win-win scenario. The environment is saved from harmful effects, the trade in companies can reuse the parts from your electronic device, and you get rid of your electronics and get money back!

There are various companies you can trade in your Mac parts with, but you should consider doing so with mac of all trades, specifically their division of mac me an offer. You can trade in your MacBook and those parts can be reused. For that, you will receive a higher payment than their competitors!

2. Donate Your Laptop
There are various programs that thrive on donated electronics. You can easily donate your MacBook and its parts to certain applicable establishments, such as a local library or charity. Make sure to check local businesses to find which ones participate and what requirements they might have. Dell also offers a national program for laptop donation.

Before doing so, however, remember that you need to completely wipe your computer or any electronic device beforehand to ensure that its next owner doesn’t steal any of your vital information.

3. Recycle It
Recycling your Mac parts is also an option for you. There are several popular chain businesses that offer recycling programs for your convenience in case none of your local establishments offer donation programs. All you need to do is head to the store and donate it. One such example that offers this type of service is Best Buy.

4. Turn Keys into Magnets
If you’re looking for ways to reuse your old and broken MacBook or other laptop, you can do a number of creative things with it. One of these creative ways is by turning its keys into magnets! Simply take them out of the computer, then hot glue small magnets to the back. Voila! You have some handy and eco-friendly magnets to decorate your refrigerator.

5. Mount It on the Wall
Another creative alternative to reusing your MacBook is by mounting the display on your wall. There are various ways you could get creative with this. You could put the back of the display on the wall while using the screen to showcase photos or artwork. You could also decorate the back of your computer’s display with colorful stickers to artistically portray your personality. Then, mount it on your wall for a cool piece of wall art!

When you have a completely broken laptop, it can be difficult to know just what to do with it. Once you have chosen to trade in, recycle, donate, or creatively reuse it, you may be looking for a replacement. Look no further than mac of all trades. Not only can you trade in your laptop with them, but you can purchase an exceptional used/refurbished laptop to replace your old one!

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