6 Reasons a Leatherman Pocket Knife Will Be Your New Favorite EDC Staple

Leatherman doesn’t need an introduction, but if you’re tossed up between this brand and another one to round out your EDC rotation, think twice before passing over it. A Leatherman pocket knife deserves 110% of the hype that accompanies it.

If you need a new tool to throw in the pack or in your back pocket, make it a Leatherman – here are the best reasons why.

1. Looks can be deceiving

There are a lot of multi tools out there, and Leatherman tools are not made for their good looks. They’re actually pretty nondescript, and look like any other old pair of folding pliers out there. Differentiation for a Leatherman doesn’t come from flash and razzle-dazzle, but from function.

It might look like a pair of folding pliers, but expect the tool to come with many other functions built in that you won’t even see right away. Many Leatherman pocket knives come with well upwards of ten tools, some of them highly specialized.

2. Ergonomics that will impress you

Many Leatherman multi-tools, including boxy, angular models, are surprisingly ergonomic, and comfort is important in a tool. In fact, it might even be said that comfort of use is one of the most important aspects of a knife or tool.

Many Leatherman models are downright comfortable to handle and easy to manipulate. Even models like the Skeletool, which has somewhat sharp edges, is impressively ergonomic in the hand or on the belt.

3. They’re lightweight and high quality

For the expense of a few spare ounces, a Leatherman can effectively put ten or twenty tools into your pocket or toolbox, in the space of an Altoids tin. They’re lightweight and made from high quality materialials, and fit, finish and durability are next to none.

On the note of materials, many of them are made featuring exemplary super steels which are renowned for their edge retention. The Leatherman Charge, for example, is made using titanium and features a blade of S30V steel, which is both hard and tough.

4. Specialty tools – not just a few driver bits

Another thing to remember is that many Leatherman tools come with some really interesting, highly specialized tools. For example, there are Leatherman models that have unique tools that are difficult to find in other multi tools. Models like the Raptor have an oxygen wrench key, and the Leatherman MUT is the perfect addition to a range bag, featuring Torx wrenches, sight adjustment tools, fouling scrapers, cleaning rod adapters, and more. Other Leatherman tools have unique features like ferrocerium rods, which can enable you to make a fire in a pinch.

5. It’ll keep your other tools sharp

An interesting feature of some Leatherman tools is that some of them have sharpening rods. This is an often overlooked yet vital tool to carry with you in the field. When your other knives or tools start to wear, a sharpening rod can bring them back up to speed – letting you stay out there for longer.r

6. A Leatherman pocket knife won’t take up a ton of space

Finally, in addition to being lightweight and ergonomic, a Leatherman won’t take up a lot of space. To be frank about the whole picture, some Leatherman multi-tools effectively condense entire tool boxes into one small set of folding pliers. There are very few other tools out there that combine so much functionality into such a compact package.

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