Kizer Begleiter

8 Things to Love About the Kizer Begleiter

If you know the name Kizer, you probably know the name Begleiter. It’s been sort of their unofficial flagship model for years now, and all but carries the popularity of the brand.

Not to suggest (at all) that other Kizer knives aren’t great. But there’s something special about the Kizer Begleiter that more than a small sum of people notice.

Enough to put together this list.

Super Steel Blades

The Kizer Begleiter is, like most knives that carry the caliber of its popularity, available in several configurations.

One of these has to do with blade steel. You can get a Begleiter with a 20CV, 154CM, or S35VN blade, to name just a few.

These alloys are all chemically different but they’re all called “super steels” for a reason. They balance the three core attributes of a quality knife steel: edge retention, corrosion-resistance, and toughness.

The Size

Some popular pocket knives are just a touch small. The Begleiter is sized just right. The standard model has a 3.54” blade and weighs in the neighborhood of 3oz (depending on scale material). This makes it perfect for EDC – and the utilitarian design is also very attractive.

No-Maintenance Scales

As you might expect from a popular model like the Begleiter, it’s available in several different scale materials and configurations. We will focus here on the former.

Most are available with either G10 or Micarta scales, though you can also get a Begleiter with carbon fiber or titanium scales.

All of them are tough, durable, dependable, and effectively maintenance-free.

Variety in Blade Profile

The standard Begleiter has what you’d call a straight-backed blade (like a Mora) or perhaps a drop point, depending on how you see it.

If you like that but also appreciate variety, you can also get a Begleiter with either a tanto point or a sheepsfoot profile blade. There’s even a mini Begleiter out there.

Many Colors/Finishes Available

Like other popular knives, the Kizer Begleiter is available in a variety of different configurations, and not just with respect to materials.

You can get a Begleiter in a wide range of different scale colors and blade finishes, so you can suit what appeals to your sense of style.

Super-Smooth Bearings

The Kizer Begleiter features a solid yet smooth ball-bearing pivot. Fundamentally, it’s not much different from any other quality pocket knife, but there’s something really enjoyable about a knife with a fluid pivot mechanism that is inherently fidget-friendly.

Well, the Begleiter is, and it doesn’t really have a break-in period. It will get better with time (like literally every folder) but it’s good right out of the box.

Button-Lock Available

The standard Begleiter is a liner lock, but there’s a button-lock craze right now, and you can get a button-lock Begleiter if you so wish.

And why not? The mechanism of a button lock has several innate and undeniable advantages over the liner lock. It is easier to use, just as strong, and, since it keeps your fingers out of the path of the blade when closing, safer.

It’s Relatively Affordable

Lots of really popular knives are quite expensive. Let’s be real – the Begleiter is not as affordable as an OKC RAT II or a CRKT Squid, but it’s not going to break the bank like a ZT would, either.

Explore the Kizer Begleiter

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