A Checklist of Vital Airsoft Accessories

Working on a checklist of essential airsoft accessories you’ll need before your next competitive match? The following are, without a doubt, some of the most valuable attachments and accessories you can tack onto your airsoft gun or stash in your vest (a vest is even one of them!) so stock up.

Don’t hit the airsoft field without them.

Whether you prefer a red dot sight or a scope with variable magnification, optics are some of the most important airsoft accessories out there. They will boost your confidence in the field and can make it much easier to connect with your target, especially in high stress situations such as CQB, or in the case of a scope, when your target is too far away.

●An auxiliary laser sight
The great thing about laser sights is that you don’t need to choose between them and optics. They just serve as another solution for acquiring and connecting with your target. They’re great in low light settings or encounters where you don’t have time to find the target, and you simply need to “point and shoot.”

●Tactical lights
If you find yourself in a CQB encounter, and you should expect to, a light can save your skin and give your team the edge. Not only will it light up a literally dark situation, but it may also give you a psychological edge against your opponents.

●Spare magazines
What good is one loaded mag in a match? Not much – which is why you should carry several (several!) spare loaded mags in your vest. A high rate of fire won’t do you any good at all if your chamber’s empty.

Speedloaders are almost as important as spare loaded mags. If you have any downtime during a match and any empty mags, use this time to fill them up with a speed loader.

●Ammo containers
Which brings us to the next point, that you should also carry spare ammo cans or containers in a match. Some of them are collapsible, and many can be added to your vest where they’ll be within easy reach when you need them.

●Gas or batteries
Self explanatory – if you carry spare ammo, you need to carry spare gas or batteries.

●A sling
A sling will make it much easier for you to manage all the tactical gear you bring into a match, by freeing up your hands while still keeping your airsoft rifle in easy reach.

●Tracer units
Tracer units aren’t an absolute necessity, but they do make it easier for you to see if your shots are connecting with your target, and they’re downright cool.

Short for metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors, MOSFETs are small electronic devices that can be used to amplify electrical signals. Reliable trigger contact is essential, especially during sustained periods of intense fire. Trigger contacts are sensitive to burnout, but a MOSFET can help prevent this, keeping your trigger crisp and responsive even under fire.

●Smoke grenades
Smoke grenades can be highly valuable for signalling to your fellow teammates from afar, especially if they’re colored. They can also be tossed in a CQB scenario, dazzling and confusing your opponents.

●Protective gear
Some of the most important airsoft accessories out there since you won’t be able to compete without them. At the bare minimum you will need eyewear (and whatever else is required by the organizer) but it’s also a good idea to wear gloves, pads and other heavy clothing.

●A serviceable tactical vest
Finally, don’t hit the field without a tactical vest that gives you space to carry just about all of the other essential accessories mentioned here.

Do you absolutely need every single one of these airsoft accessories? Not really, no – but some of them, like spare mags and personal protective equipment, are deal breakers. You won’t even be able to compete in a match without them, and at the very least, without spare loaded mags you won’t get very far.

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