A Complete Guide to Buying Commercial Insurance for a Small Business

Commercial insurance is an essential expense for any small business in Canada. Getting the right insurance coverage is mandatory. It ensures timely help during a crisis without adding too much pressure on the company’s budget.

Here is a brief guide to understand the various aspects of commercial insurance for a small business.

Types of Commercial Insurance Policies Available for Small Businesses
Before you make a list of the assets that need to be insured, familiarize yourself with the different types of commercial insurance policies available.

Talk to commercial insurance brokers in Calgary to learn which ones are most suitable for your business.

1. Commercial Property Insurance

2. Commercial Auto Insurance

3. General Liability Insurance

4. Errors and Omissions

5. Cybersecurity Insurance

6. Professional Liability Insurance

7. Business Interruption Insurance

8. Retail Operations Insurance

9. Professional Liability

10. Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Avoid These Mistakes While Buying Commercial Insurance

1) Opting for the cheapest policies
Evaluate insurance quotes by value and not by price. When you trust a cheap quote blindly, you may end up spending more through hidden costs and uncovered claims.

2) Failing to furnish the essential details
Commercial insurance brokers in Calgary can help you only if they have the correct information about your business. Be transparent while revealing business details such as employee strength, revenue growth, new investments, expansion plans, etc.

3) Paying for insurance that your business does not need
You do not want to be underinsured. At the same time, you do not want to overpay for your insurance. Get professional help to determine coverage limits and deductibles. Cut costs wherever possible. Negotiate with your insurance broker.

4) Ignoring the details about your insurance policy
Read through your insurance contract to understand what is covered and what is not. Review the paperwork thoroughly before you commit. Pay attention to the smallest details.

5) Diluting your liability
When your business is expanding, let your insurance broker know. For instance, if you are opening another retail outlet, be sure to update your insurance agent about the same. Your insurance expert will suggest policy changes to cover the new location too.

Simple Tips to Choose the Perfect Commercial Insurance for Your Small Business

• Consider the assets you want to protect and the risks you want to avoid before choosing an insurance policy.

• Ask more questions to your insurance agent. Be sure to understand all the terms mentioned in the insurance contract.

• Find an insurance plan that offers you some flexibility. A plan that is scalable covers you as your business grows.

• Analyze the different options available. Choose policies that are tailored for your businesssector and other specific business needs.

• Choose commercial insurance brokers in Calgary who are familiar with your industry.

Get Commercial Insurance for Your Business Today
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