A G&G Combat Machine Raider Is the Ultimate Affordable AEG

Most airsoft players who participate in competitive matches and events have a real need for a quality AEG (automatic electric gun.)
An argument can be made that not all players do; some players might be better served by a spring-powered airsoft sniper rifle, for example, but that argument would be made only because it could.

For most players, a dependable AEG is one of the most important pieces of gear you can bring into a match. You should need little more reason than that; if you’re looking for a dependable, affordable option, the G&G Combat Machine Raider will serve you like no other.

  • It’s made of tough materials
    A staple of the G&G Raider is its tough construction. Most of them are made with high-quality polymer receivers and full metal internals, including a metal barrel. These AEG airsoft guns are as tough as you could like.
  • It has an upgradeable gearbox with metal bearings
    Hard use and high rates of fire can deform, melt, shear, or break the plastic internals of some lower-quality gearboxes. Not with a G&G Raider; they have full-metal gearboxes and you can even upgrade parts.
  • It comes with an adjustable hop up system
    Accuracy at close range is important, but so is being able to reach your target. A G&G Raider comes with an adjustable hop-up systemn so you can reach further and make your shots count.
  • It has tons of rail space
    Many G&G Raiders have full-length top rails as well as a decent amount of quad rail space. that makes up a rail system that has plenty of room for whatever you want to mount.
  • The platform is modular
    A G&G Raider Airsoft AEG will adapt to you, instead of forcing you to adapt to it. Not only are they compatible with a wide range of attachments, but they also come with crane stocks that can easily be adjusted for length of pull.
  • It’s surprisingly powerful
    Some G&G Raiders can reach muzzle velocities of up to 400 FPS, blazing-fast as far as most airsoft guns are concerned. Plus, with the adjustable hop up, you can have power and range in your corner.

To boil all of that down to one or two small digestible arguments, the G&G Combat Machine Raider is a rock-solid, dependable, powerful AEG that is adaptable and adjustable and whose performance can easily and efficiently be altered by the user. That about sums it up.

There’s one more thing that must be said, and it’s important. A G&G Combat Machine Raider is also a serious steal. For under 200 dollars, you can add one of these AEGs to your collection. For performance and workmanship like this, that price is a song. There are other AEGs out there that ask for many times more.

When you have quality and price figured out, the only step left is to actually find a supplier. For that, set your sights on MiR Tactical. At MiRTactical.com, you can pick up a new G&G CM16 Raider and all the parts and accessories you’ll want with it. Plus, MiR Tactical offers a price match guarantee and flat rate shipping (some orders even qualify for free shipping, call for details) so that you’re basically guaranteed to get the best price possible on your new G&G CM16 Raider AEG and your other favorite airsoft products. Visit their website or call them at 800-581-6620 today.

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