A Look at the Different Types of Clothing Name Labels

Clothing name labels are great for school, daycare, camp, and any other time you need your children’s personal items to stay organized and avoid getting lost in the mix. Here is everything you need to know about clothing labels.

Where to get clothing name labels
Sticky Monkey Labels has a wide variety of clothing name labels that come in different sizes, shapes, and styles. Clothing labels can be used on school uniforms, winter wear, swimsuits, sports uniforms, summer camp clothing, and even footwear. Their labels are easy to apply and work with multiple types of fabric, getting applied to tags or on the inside of clothing. Sticky Monkey labels are also laundry safe.

Types of clothing name labels
There are three main types of clothing name labels that are available, each with their own uses. Here is how to know which ones are right for your kids’ clothes.

Iron-on Clothing Labels
Iron-on labels come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, designs, and sizes. The most common at Sticky Monkey are oval, circle, and rectangles. They are easy to apply by using a household iron, compatible with acrylic, cotton, poly, and cotton-poly blend fabrics. They are washer and dryer safe! Iron-on labels are also made of soft material and won’t irritate sensitive skin.

The purpose of iron-on clothing labels is their permanence. These durable labels are meant to last over time, ensuring that your childrens’ clothes remain organized at home or at school. Iron-on clothing labels won’t come off, even during high-intensity summer camp activities — even swimming.

If you have multiple kids at home, you can keep their clothes easily organized. Based on the label within, you can efficiently separate their clothing and put them in the right drawers. When it comes to school, iron-on clothing labels ensure that their clothes are not lost since they can be customized to also have your phone number and other information that can help any lost articles return to their rightful place!

Stick-on Clothing Labels
Stick-on clothing labels are even faster and easier to apply than iron-on clothing labels. You can peel and then stick, immediately putting your kids’ name on an article of clothing. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and designs, these are pretty durable stickers that will last for days.

Stick-on clothing labels are great for things that aren’t as permanent, like quickly slapping them on beach towels before a trip or on clothing items that were purchased on the go. Stick-on clothing labels are also great for school and other social places where you want to be able to tell your kids’ clothing apart from others.

Shoe Labels
An article of clothing that’s often overlooked are shoes. Children will lose shoes a lot more often than you might think. Luckily, Sticky Monkey Labels has shoe labels that are meant to go on the sole. They are super durable and waterproof, meaning they can even be put in snow boots or used on sneakers for gym class. These labels can be customized like the others, letting you add a name and phone number, along with other important information.

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