About the Updates to the Jackson Knarr’s Flex Drive Mark IV

The Jackson Knarr is a big, stable, fishing kayak that offers unprecedented control and expandability. One of its best assets is Jackson’s Flex Drive Mark IV, which has been newly upgraded.

This pedal-drive system is fast, smooth, quiet, and most importantly, durable and reliable enough to take on big water, including saltwater.

It’s an upgraded version of the original Jackson system. Here are all the ways it’s been improved.

FD Mark IV Upgrades
The main upgrade to the FD Mark IV has been to the upper drive unit, which now uses a serpentine belt system to drive the propeller.

Moreover, the internals of the upper unit have adopted the use of “off the shelf” bicycle parts that have been in use for decades if not longer.

By utilizing existing bike parts instead of trying to shoulder the burden of developing proprietary parts, the system has produced a much more reliable and cost-effective interface.

This streamlines repairs, prevents supply bottlenecks, and also makes the system more affordable to service, should that ever become necessary.

It also ensures that the drive system utilizes parts that are time-tested and proven able to perform under the most rigorous conditions – albeit on the water instead of on the road.

Actually, on that note, the upper unit has been designed to provide a maintenance-free experience. The internal gearing is suspended in a sealed oil bath which basically eliminates the need for maintenance, while keeping the system lubricated and well-protected against corrosion.

Moreover, the crank arms are factory installed and pre-set with the proper amount of torque, so you can get started pedaling the moment you bring the Knarr home.

On top of that, the upper unit is an entirely sealed system, with no gears or other moving parts below the waterline – insulating and protecting the system.

With that said, the upper drive unit is not the only one that has been upgraded in the Flex Drive Mark IV system. The lower unit has benefited from some improvements as well.

In the lower unit of the Flex Drive Mark IV, Jackson has tightened the tolerances on the flexible drive shaft, which in turns dampens vibration, producing a much smoother, more fluid pedaling experience.

These tighter tolerances also result in less noise on the water, producing a more favorable experience for yak anglers, all while creating less of a risk of spooking wary fish in the vicinity – a bonus on quiet waterways.

Like the upper unit, the new lower unit is also more robust, with a thicker, more durable drive shaft that will stand up better to hard use.

Also, the lower unit, unlike the upper unit, is not sealed – this also streamlines maintenance and allows water to drain easily from the lower unit.

There is only one thing to be aware of here: the system is not backwards compatible and the upper and lower units work in tandem – so you can’t mix generations.

All in all, the Flex Drive Mark IV is fast, durable, reliable, and built to last. And just in case you’re skeptical, Jackson has tested the unit extensively in both fresh and saltwater and puts their money where their mouth is – it’s covered by a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

Learn More About the Jackson Knarr Fishing Kayak
As great as the Jackson Knarr’s upgraded Flex Drive Mark IV is, it is far from the only selling point of this fishing kayak.

If you have any questions about this kayak before you buy – such as what its features or capabilities are – check it out online at No Bad Days Kayaks or get in touch with their customer service reps at 512-229-0560.

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