AC Package Unit for Sale: Your Buying Guide

Purchasing a new cooling system for your home is no easy task. Looking for AC package unit for sale alone can be very difficult especially if you have certain preferences.

Personal preferences aside, there are plenty of things to consider when buying an air conditioner. There’s the cost, features, size, and so many others.

Don’t get overwhelmed. This short guide will help you find the answers to questions you didn’t have and provide critical information so you can make the best possible decision.

What Is An AC Package Unit?
If you’re interested in buying AC package unit, you probably already know what it is and how it differs from a split AC system, for example.

But for those who are wondering, an AC package unit is a cooling system used when only air conditioning is needed. It is different from a split AC because its condenser (the one that cools the air) and air handler (the one that moves the air) are all in one container, hence its name.

There are basically two kinds: portable and window type. Portable are free-standing while window AC units are installed, you guessed it, on windows.

What Is the Right Size for the Room?
The larger the room, the higher BTU/ton you should get for better performance and efficiency. Make sure to measure the room you want the AC installed in before making your selection.

According to Energy Star, an area of 350 up to 400 square feet needs at least 9,000 BTU. You then add 2,000 BTU when you increase 400 square feet by 50 to 100 square feet.

What Kind of Maintenance Does It Need?
To extend the lifespan and improve your unit’s functionality, proper maintenance should be made.

Generally, you should have your unit serviced every 90 days. Ask your contractor or the retailer about maintenance plans and schedules for your unit.

What About Warranty?
Don’t just buy the first AC package unit for sale that fits all your requirements. Be sure to ask about warranty coverage before you make the purchase. Warranty varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, and one with a higher warranty coverage should be a part of your consideration.

What SEER Rating Is Good?
Get a SEER of at least 13. SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio) rating system determines the efficiency of your unit.

AC package unit with higher SEER consumes less power and provides better cooling. If you want to save on energy and be kinder to the environment, you should definitely consider the SEER rating.

Does Your Home Have Good Insulation?
Your home insulation affects the performance of your AC unit. So, before buying your AC, make sure your home or the room where you plan to install your AC has adequate insulation.

The cool air can escape from door and window gaps too. When it does, your AC will have to work double to cool the room.

This will negatively impact the machine and, no doubt, will make your energy consumption higher. Keep your unit at good running condition, and avoid AC breakdowns and high electric bills by insulating properly.

Does Fan Speed Matters?
You may choose from single-speed, multispeed and variable-speed fans. Keep in mind that the higher speed the unit has, the more cooling power it has.

So if you need an extra cooling system in your home and you’re looking for AC package unit for sale, do your research and buy wisely.You may also want to check Budget Air Supply. They have a huge selection of AC package units at very affordable prices. Drop by their site now.

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